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Delivery apps

Medicine delivery app

Give your pharmacy business a boost. You reach a bigger market when customers can order online – they’ll love the convenience and privacy. Push notifications let you send helpful reminders and drive repeat business.

Flower delivery app

Bring your flowers to a bigger market. Make it easy for customers to order wherever they are and schedule delivery for a convenient time. Let them share personalised bouquets on social media and watch sales grow.

Liquor delivery app

You’ll make more sales when customers can order from the comfort of their homes. User accounts help with age verification and building brand loyalty. A beautiful product catalogue and order tracking keeps customers happy.

Food delivery app

Grow your restaurant business the easy way. Let customers order directly from you and avoid the profit-stealing fees Deliveroo and Uber Eats charge. Use push notifications and automatic upsells to make more sales.

Ecommerce Apps

Grocery app

Let customers order their groceries through your app. Online delivery, secure payment methods and personalised offers help you make more sales. Grow your online brand the easy way – build your app.

Fashion store

Want to sell clothes online? Your online fashion store is jam-packed with handy features that’ll make you more sales: promo codes, loyalty schemes and wishlists. We don’t take a cut of your sales – you keep them all.

Directory app

Make it simple for your customers to find the business they need. Your directory app is easy to navigate with categories, filters and an easy to use search bar. A seamless checkout lets you monetise your traffic.

Classified app

Want to build a marketplace that lets people buy and sell items online? Your classified app comes with many common ecommerce features. And extras such as chat and built-in share tools to help make more sales.

Daily deal app

Showcase an exclusive coupon or deal on your customers’ devices. One-click signup means you can easily track behaviour and recommend the deals most likely to convert. Multiple payment options make checkout smooth.

Retail app

Everything you need to make sales online: beautiful carousel, push notifications, secure payments. Best of all... no revenue share. You’ve earned your sales – we don’t take a cut of your in-app earnings.

Utility apps

Social network app

Let your customers talk. Users can quickly make an account and start posting content. Like, share and comment functionality keeps your audience engaged. Push notifications help you remind people to open the app.

Dating app

It’s love at first sight. Your app comes with everything you’d expect: user profiles, social features and advanced privacy settings. It’s custom-built so you can try all the matching algorithms you can think of.

Video streaming app

Do you need a next-generation online video streaming app or a complete OTT platform? A beautiful user interface helps users appreciate your content. Watch offline, search and multilingual support gives users a smooth experience.

Video conferencing app

Say “Hello” with your online video conferencing app. It comes with everything you’d expect: high-quality video & audio, meeting scheduling and screen sharing. As it’s custom-built, everything works just the way you’d like.

VoIP app

Build your own cross-platform messaging app and Voice over IP (VoIP) service app. Group calls, voice recording and real-time messaging make it easy to get started. Monetisation is smooth with secure payment options.

Weather app

Your weather forecasting and alert app combine handy notifications, detailed weather information and geolocation in one helpful app. Using our AI, you can even offer your customers localised weather predictions.

Music streaming app

Build your own cloud-based audio library app like Spotify, Pandora or SoundCloud. Keep your users happy with offline playback, one-tap signup for playlists and AI-powered personalised recommendations.

News app

BREAKING NEWS... you can quickly build a news aggregator or branded news app. Curation tools make content easy to navigate. Push notifications and share features help keep customers engaged with your brand.

Fitness app

Build a health and fitness tracker app. Make use of device sensors and enable activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and sleep quality observations. Display all the captured data in an interactive dashboard.

Business apps

Social network app

Your spa or beauty salon app simplifies bookings and encourages more sales. Use loyalty schemes, product recommendations and easy payment methods to keep your customers happy. Handle finance & inventory with a management module.

Event app

Interact with attendees and make management easy with your event app. Create agendas with calendar integration. Display real-time results from audience polls. And let guests use social tools to share insights with their network.

Taxi Booking app

Take your taxi business online. Track vehicles in real-time and make use of dynamic pricing. Let customers share their locations for pickup, schedule rides and save a convenient payment method in the app. Are you the next Uber?

Travel app

Whether you’re looking for a hotel aggregator, travel guide or a flight booking app... we can build it. Smart search, a built-in rating system and an AI-powered itinerary help you make more sales and keep your customers happy.

AR app

Share your ideas in a new way with your augmented reality (AR) app. Create engaging marketing, learning or entertainment experiences. Combine with QR codes to embed information. Unleash your imagination and grow your business.


Combine the functionality of a traditional mobile app with the convenience of a web browser. Build your own PWA (Progressive Web App). It’s reliable, fast, feature-rich and offers an engaging customer experience.

Blockchain app

What to build a DApp? Make use of the blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrency with your own app. Lower costs, faster processes, secure interactions and increased customer trust are just a few of the benefits.

Dental app

Smile at how easy your dental app makes managing bookings, patient interactions and payments. Secure encryption keeps you fully compliant. It’s simple and helps you make more sales through education and upsell opportunities.

Doctor app

The social distancing features in your doctor app helps patients feel safe. Your staff can get more done with video call appointments and automatic calendar integration. Secure sharing makes it simple to get a colleagues opinion.

Healthcare app

Your hospital or clinic management app makes things easy. It solves patient-facing tasks like bookings and prescription reminders. Behind the scenes, it handles lab results, invoicing functionality and staff scheduling with AI.

Real estate app

Generate leads and sell more properties with your real estate app. Allow customers to browse and shortlist their favourites. Avoid admin work by automatically integrating and selling other brokers’ properties.