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Build an event app - No code!

Imagine if everyone at your event knew exactly what was going on, all the time? If networking was automatic and easy? And you could find out exactly what all your guests thought at any moment? ‍ Get all this in your app for a low monthly cost – and enjoy seamless events in 8 weeks or less.

Ultra-easy agendas

Show everyone what’s going on (and where). Whether you’ve multiple events to showcase, different stages, or rooms with speaker discussions – make sure no one misses anything. Calendar reminders with push notifications make it even easier for your guests.

Networking that just works

Geofencing lets guests see who’s nearby, to encourage conversation at your events. In-app chat means networking isn’t left to chance. And those interactions that make an event so memorable – can also carry on in your app, afterwards.

Love? Hate? Meh?

Poll everyone at your next event and see real-time results. Interactive live polls make it simple for everyone to join in. Collect questions from your audience – spark debate and vote while your speakers talk. It also makes getting feedback a snap.

Sell yourself

When people download your app, the only branding they’ll see is yours. That’s your logo and colours as well as all your images. We make it really simple to choose the fonts, illustrations and icon styles you love too.

Even more social

Social plugins mean all the juicy insights from your event can be easily shared by your guests on their social channels. They can use Twitter to login to your app and then it’s easy for them to post their views and extend the reach of your events.

Everything’s included

Event app screens

We take cake of everything – from building your app, to maintaining it. That’s upgrades, updates, bug fixes and any third-party changes. And we even include cloud capacity to help you scale it too.

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