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Pre-packaged apps

Custom apps

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Included for 1 year

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Your complete hosting solution by combining any of the big cloud providers at the best price

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Your app price includes Studio One for 1 year – offering updates, support and protection

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At, we think you should only pay for what you need. That’s why you won’t find price lists on our site. Instead, we have a fully transparent, feature-based pricing model — no hidden fees, no nasty surprises.

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    Choose an app template similar to your idea

    This helps us pre-select features you’ll need too, e.g. for a dating app you may select Bumble.

The promise

Expert support throughout

Expert support throughout

Unlike other app platforms, a dedicated product expert is with you at every step of your project to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Robust code

Robust code

AI rigorously checks your code to ensure everything is as it should be, and there are no bugs or glitches. This allows you to launch your software with confidence.

Studio One

Studio One

We take care of all the bugs, fixes and third-party updates before you even notice, so you can focus on growing your business.

Take full control

Take full control

Watch the real-time progress of your build, interact with product experts and make changes to your project in your own dashboard.

Some of our latest projects


An inclusive media and entertainment marketplace, allowing users to create, buy and sell multimedia.

Script door app


A social media app that rewards users for their posts and engagements with others.

WeownomyChat app


A one-stop battery swapping platform, enabling a zero downtime future for two and three-wheeler vehicles.

VoltUp app

Learners India

A complete ecosystem of apps for teachers, students and parents, helping users manage their learning.

LearnersIndia app


A parking app that allows users to book or host parking spots simply and securely.


Real success stories from real customers

See how companies like yours used’s app platform to help them achieve their business goals

Small business

EtOH is leveling the playing field in the wine and spirits sector.

Technology in the wine, spirits, and beer industry is as vintage as the whiskey barrels. EtOH Suite levels the playing field by giving small and medium businesses the same digital advantage as large companies.


OpiGo is building a community of over 5,000 investors

It’s difficult to know the right people to follow and the right stocks to invest in. That’s why more than 3000 investors use OpiGo to make the stock market easy and take control of their finances.


Bobcat helps a global network of dealerships to maximise their profitability and minimise their risk.

Bobcat team members can access a range of useful tools that make it easy to compare any dealer’s performance against benchmarks for cash flow, absorption rates, and more. They’re also able to accurately predict the benefit of expanding a fleet of vehicles.

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