Everyone is a Builder

“We believe that everyone should be empowered to unlock their true potential in being a Builder, irrespective of what they know, what they have and what they are afraid of. In everything we do, we believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking; to look at every problem differently and from the ground up.”

Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder and CEO, Builder

Our story

Building software is complex, risky and inefficient. And there is an astounding 78% failure rate of software projects in small and medium businesses.* The fear of failure stops many Builders from even starting at all. So many ideas that could have been, never are. Inertia sets in. This cycle of irrelevance and fear and inertia leads to epic wasted human potential.

We want to empower people to create software-powered ideas so that they can fulfil their potential.

We do this by transcending the need for traditional tech knowledge, increasing the efficiency of resources human or otherwise and by creating a transparent end to end process

Our platform builds, runs and scales just about anything you can think of. Our human-assisted AI can build your tailor-made software using the collective knowledge of what's been built before, an assembly line connects reusable features with specialist creators from our global network. This way, any idea can be built.

Our Journey

Builder.ai was developed on the premise that anyone, irrespective of technical knowledge, should be able to build and operate technology.


Sachin & Saurabh became best friends at Imperial College, London


They started working together and worked on various new ideas.


They started Nivio, the world's first cloud computing company.


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