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Who we are

Here’s our story…

Our Co-founders are best friends who met in college and started one of the world’s first cloud computing companies. After being let down by developers they realised, if 2 engineers, based in a San Fran tech hub had failed – how could most people even begin to build an app?

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Failure leads to brainwave

Sachin & Saurabh try to build a photo sharing app and are let down by developers. This lights a fire in them both to try to fix software development – and make it easy for everyone to do it.

App development is broken

Start a revolution!

Make apps simple

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Ridhima Gupta, Global Head of Marketing

Ridhima Gupta

Global Head of Marketing

“We are changing the way the world thinks about and builds software. It is about helping the non-tech business user think about business transformation at scale with software and not be bogged down by the build process.”

Priyanka Kochhar, VP of Product

Priyanka Kochhar

VP of Product

“We were a small group of people trying to disrupt how we deliver software to our customers. We got questioned a lot from folks who thought it's insane to automate software and run like an assembly.”

Varghese Cherian, Chief Revenue Officer

Varghese Cherian

Chief Revenue Officer

“Apps have disrupted almost every traditional business but the whole process of building the software itself has hardly changed. That’s where we come in.”

Paul Heathcote, VP Customer Success and Delivery

Paul Heathcote

VP Customer Success and Delivery

“The exciting part for me is the huge productivity advancements we are seeing from this approach are just the beginning, and our customers globally are realising the benefits every day”

Stephanie Lowenthal, Global Head of Communications

Stephanie Lowenthal

Global Head of Communications

“It’s an exciting time to be in this industry, helping to shape it. We’re making it easier for people to turn their dreams into reality.”

Shalabh Moonat, VP Global Partnerships and Marketplace

Shalabh Moonat

VP Global Partnerships and Marketplace

“ Our founders envisioned a world where your dreams weren’t limited by your ability to build software. They saw a world where every idea would have its day and set out to change the way that software is built.”

Ranwa Sarkis, VP of Growth & Revenue Ops

Ranwa Sarkis

VP of Growth & Revenue Ops

“I love scaling businesses at the forefront of technology with an exciting global mission. Builder.ai has the potential to leverage AI to democratise software development across the world.”

Joe Norena, Chief Operating Officer

Joe Norena

Chief Operating Officer

“A lot of people have ideas. But it’s the ones who executed, who are successful and true entrepreneurs. It’s about taking that idea and making it real. It’s all about execution.”

Rohan Patel, SVP Engineering

Rohan Patel

SVP Engineering

“Exponential increase in people building software. But supply can’t meet demand. New tools like ours are needed to bring these ideas to life.”

Adi Vinyarsh, General Counsel

Adi Vinyarsh

General Counsel

“Builder.ai is leading a software revolution, breaking down barriers to technology creation. We’re making it possible for every idea to find its digital expression, transforming the landscape of how software is built and experienced globally.”

Where to next?

Software at the speed of thought Sachin explains his vision for the future,“I want everyone to have the ability to build software by simply talking about their idea. Software built at the speed of thought!”

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