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Creating the software your enterprise needs to stay competitive can be a headache. Would it help if you could get a fully custom solution without the usual wait? And how about if there was no need to learn a new platform or even manage the project at all? Where everything is transparent, timings are accurate and prices are guaranteed? It’s all possible thanks to AI.

Realise your vision

Pepsi sidestepped the usual fight for approvals, budget and IT resources. They used our platform to create an enterprise-grade ecommerce solution to digitise their distribution in the Middle East. Makro is a $9bn supermarket chain. We built them a custom Order Management System that compared with 5 years of their previous SaaS solution – cost 98% less. What can we do for you?

Realise your vision
Innovation without the wait
Innovation without the wait

We bring your idea to life. Our powerful AI, high-capacity network and team of experts all work together to realise your vision faster. You get a custom enterprise application that scales with your business.
The results?
More revenue, smoother operations, better customer engagement, fewer headaches, no more tossing and turning.
Don’t let your dream for the business keep you up all night. You know what you want.

Transparency down to the feature level

Many app-development platforms hit you with loose pricing and timelines that don't suit your needs. We do things differently. With Builder.ai, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for and we offer competitive timelines that suit you.

Total cloud control, whether on AWS or Microsoft cloud
A team of dedicated experts look after your projects
Enterprise One: 24/7 Specialist Support

Our team of architects and specialists, give you 24/7 multi-channel support, perform proactive, preventive maintenance, all in an all-in-one support portal.


How do you estimate costing for enterprise software development?

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This is a massive issue when you build custom software. 78% of software projects fail with a high percentage running over budget and time. That’s because estimating such huge jobs is very difficult for any human to do. It’s why we created our Knowledge Graph – we plugged in every job we’ve ever done, plus each feature we’ve ever created, and mapped how they all interact together. Our AI uses this to calculate accurate prices and approximate timelines before you even start a project. And it really works. 95% of our projects are delivered on time and we’ve an almost 0% failure rate.

How is enterprise software different?

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It’s software designed to satisfy the needs of an enterprise rather than individual users. Also known as EAS (enterprise application software) it has to work on a much larger scale, solving problems for an entire organisation. An enterprise software solution needs to integrate seamlessly with all the other existing software the company already uses – otherwise, it’ll do more harm than good.

How is software size calculated?

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The primary reason for calculating software size is for an accurate cost estimate to build custom software. The tricky part is that there is no standard measurement. A few options are: Lines of Code (LOC) which, as you might be able to guess, is where you count the lines of source code. You estimate this by comparing it with a similar application. Or you can count processes in a data flow diagram (DFD). Maybe more accurate but it’s a lot of extra work to calculate. In fact, there are many complex ways to calculate software size – most of them boil down to an educated guess. Instead, we break software down into its features (we worked out that around 500 features make up 80% of all apps – and we coded these already in a library). We’ve also mapped all the possible relationships between features. So when you add an extra one, we know all the other features it’ll interact with – to make your app more complex. This means when we calculate your price and estimated timeline; it isn’t a guess. And if you need to add extra functions, it isn’t a question of estimating how many lines of extra code it’ll need, we can see how long those changes will take and give you an accurate estimate – before you even decide to make the change!

What are some enterprise software examples?

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Each one is an enterprise software solution that makes an organisation run more effectively: Business intelligence (data analysis, monitoring and smart reporting to improve business performance). CRM (customer relationship management, including email marketing systems). HR and recruitment or payroll software.Internal communication.Ecommerce and online payments.

What Is the enterprise application development process?

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You probably already know the problem you need software to solve for your organisation. So your next step is a quick call to our team. They’ll spec out your enterprise software solution and you’ll come away from that initial call with a prototype you can click through and amend. You’ll also get a competitive timeline and a fixed price. Gartner in their 2021 Magic Quadrant for multiexperience development platforms, named us as a “Visionary” because what happens next is different from other developers. We use pre-coded features that stack together, but you’ve complete freedom to customise them in any way that suits your organization. So it’s faster but without constraints. Even better, there’s no pressure on your internal teams because everything’s project-managed for you.

How long does it take to develop enterprise software?

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Obviously this depends on what you’re building. The more complicated your app, the longer it will take. Enterprise software is often more complex, with intricate integrations, multiple user roles and niche functions. The reason SaaS doesn’t work so well as enterprises expand is one size doesn’t fit all. Once an organisation grows to a certain size it becomes necessary to build custom software or end up paying for a huge amount of SaaS features you’re not actually using. Instead, we build custom software that’s completely tailored to your company’s needs and fully scalable. And you get it 6x faster than with traditional developers.

Case studies

We work with every type of entrepreneur - the young and the old, the experienced and the new in town.


Pepsi Case Study - Builder.ai®

We created a B2B ecommerce app for Pepsi at a fraction of the cost. Automating the order process and enabling their resellers to order online. Read the full case study here.

Siam Makro

How we saved Makro 98.3% on order management software costs

Asia’s largest cash and carry needed software that could scale with their rapid growth, so we built them something that allowed them to onboard new customers without technical hiccups.

BBC Click Live

How we helped the BBC run a world-class event experience

BBC Click producers needed an app that enabled their live audience to interact with polls and questions, which Builder.ai delivered in double-quick time.

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