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Siam Makro are growing fast, but their SaaS solution couldn’t scale with them. We helped them build a new order management system tailored to their business needs – over 5 years it came in at 1.67% of the previous cost.

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The previous order management system (OMS) couldn’t keep up with the rate Southeast Asia’s largest cash & carry was growing. They needed software that could scale and run smoothly with them as they onboarded more customers.


A new, purpose-built OMS that minimises manual intervention and helps Siam Makro manage B2B orders from multiple sources (ecommerce website or Lazada) across multiple geographies (Thailand, Cambodia, India, China, and more).

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Project Overview


Builder Studio

An app like



22 features

Delivery time

24 weeks

Quote icon has been a valuable partner of Makro for over 2 years, allowing us to create our own proprietary platform upon which we have built our entire eCommerce presence.

Dhruv Kumar Singh

Technical Lead Siam Makro

The cash & carry kings of Southeast Asia

With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Siam Makro has earned its spot as Southeast Asia’s largest cash & carry. They supply quality products and services at an affordable price. It’s made them the go-to choice for food retailers, grocery stores, the hospitality industry and more.

The root of the problem

Siam Makro’s previous OMS ran on a very niche technology, IBM Sterling. It required a lengthy onboarding process and was not user friendly. Any necessary changes were slow and required significant coordination with third-party vendors. Siam Marko approached to modernise the OMS making it user friendly, scalable, secure and easy to update.

App development illustration
App development illustration
Going truly digital

Beginning in Thailand, they scaled their business to 137 stores and are now worth over $9bn. Their current focus is on expanding their reach across Asia. The legacy OMS was complicated and made the onboarding process extremely resource intensive. They trusted our teams at to make an OMS that could grow alongside them.

Software made simple & scalable

Our teams quickly assessed Siam Makro’s current solution, release cycle and business goals through workshops with the development team.

From a technical perspective, it had to follow industry best practices in security, automation and intelligent deployment – all while being able to grow alongside their business. We successfully replaced Siam Makro’s legacy order management systems with a cost-effective, reliable solution running on AWS. Specifically:

  • More than 1.5 million orders processed since going live in Nov 2019
  • The daily average is ~3000 orders
  • Used by 120+ Makro stores to process orders
  • 98.3% cheaper than their previous SaaS solution
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Some of the features used

Barcodes scanner

$ 708.85

Scan, read and process a barcode, using the device's camera. The result can be used with your inventory for reference.



$ 708.85

Increases the product's speed and overall performance. Some resources, such as pages or images, are cached (stored locally) on users' devices.



$ 1,417.50

See a summary of how the business is performing over different time periods. Uses two key metrics for deeper understanding, such as sales, cashflow, recent activity.



$ 2,126.25

Users can login to your product using their email address or a username and password. Authenticates their identity and helps you track how many people are using your product.


Digital signature

$ 378.00

Users can digitally sign documents inside the product. Involves integrating with a 3rd party digital signature service.


Order summary

$ 1,039.50

Display a summary of all selections made inside the product. Useful for ecommerce checkouts, or giving users an overall view of their completed actions.


Sales Reporting

$ 1,026.69

Generate a sales report showing the metrics you need. Includes the option to filter by date to evaluate historical performance.



$ 1,417.50

Enter search queries and see related results from your database. Users can click/tap on results to view the result in more detail.


Roles & Permissions

$ 2,310.00

Set different levels of access and permissions. You can then control what users see and do inside the product.

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