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Keasy worked with this unique small business to disrupt the $50 billion property management services market.

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Improve the landlord and tenant experience.


The old-school, traditional approach to property management services doesn’t work. Landlords and property owners are often stuck paying fixed fees for services regardless of what work is actually needed. There’s limited transparency, little communication‌ and no peace of mind — for landlords or their tenants.


Keasy is a new way of delivering property management services a la carte and on an as-needed basis. Landlords get visibility and control as well as the peace of mind that their tenants will always get the support they need.

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Project Overview


Builder Studio


63 features

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“My favorite thing about working with was that they were able to take my hand-drawn ideas and turn them into an app. The moment I first saw the mock-ups, it was goosebumps! From that moment on, it felt like anything was possible.”

Liat Arama

CEO & Co-Founder of Keasy

Trust, transparency‌ and communication

Through the platform, landlords can access the services they need when they need them from the vendors they prefer. The dashboard brings everything into one place — including delinquencies, renewals, work orders‌ and calendar reminders. Landlords can also access detailed information on each of their properties, browse financial reports‌ and talk to Keasy’s support team at any time.

Alex Rublowsky, a landlord and Keasy user, praised the platform: “Thanks to the digital-first relationship we have with Keasy, we can always see where we are with all of our tenants on any given day. We always know what’s happening with our building. Being able to check in at any given moment in time is huge.”

For landlords, by landlords

As a landlord themselves, Keasy CEO & Founder Liat Arama knew the challenges faced first-hand in the property market. “I made to help people like me. I suffered for years from the old-school approach to property management services.“

Liat knew there had to be a better way. “The challenge we’re solving is the lack of communication and transparency between property management providers and owners. There’s no technology solution to deliver property management the way delivers it.”

Finding the right tech partner

Co-Founder Guy Arama knew the value of having a product. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a pitch deck is worth 10,000 words and an MVP is worth 100,000.”

As non-technical founders, Liat and Guy wanted a partner they could trust to deliver the app so they could focus on building the business, “We decided to choose as our technical partner as we are not technical founders. We wanted a local, well-established team that we could collaborate with and trust. gave us a fantastic offer that covered all our bases and we liked that the code stayed with us at the end.”

Guy seconded the importance of a local team, “With, the pricing was transparent and we always knew where we stood. Having a team in the same time zone who we could reach out to at any time was also very important for us.”

Working with

Liat loved the experience of bringing her idea to life. “I would recommend My favourite thing about working with was that they were able to take my hand-drawn ideas and turn them into an app. The moment I first saw the mock-ups, it was goosebumps. From that moment on, it felt like anything was possible, even though I myself don’t know how to write code.

”Guy highlighted the control and visibility throughout, “Perhaps the best thing about working with Builder was that we own the code at the end of the day. That was very important for us, especially as we went through our raise rounds. We also have a dashboard where we can see exactly where we are in the development process and what our action items are. It gives us a lot of confidence that we’re always moving forward. The product also enables us to not only maintain the software but enhance it over time.”

Disrupting a $50 billion industry

Looking forward, Guy is excited about what’s next. “The future is bright for This is a $50 billion industry. We started in the Seattle area, now we’re growing in Washington. I have no doubt the app will help us expand nationwide.”

Liat is also excited about the app’s role in the company’s continued success. “We’re excited to take Keasy nationwide. The app will help us scale and grow and offer our services in many locations and work with many vendors.”

Some of the features used

Portfolio Management

Users can have a portfolio inside the product. They can upload photos, videos and documents to showcase their creations.



A system for organising and displaying the passage of time, typically by dividing it into days, weeks, months‌ and years. Calendars are used to keep track of events, schedule appointments and meetings‌ and plan for the future.



Users can live chat with each other on a 1-on-1 basis. They can write messages, share images and send and receive push notifications. Overall, an efficient way for people to communicate in real-time.


Content Management

Manage the content shown within your product, such as listings, posts or photos and videos. Easily add, edit and publish content. Alter content for improved engagement or remove it when no longer needed.



A system for accepting and processing credit/debit payments via an integrated third-party solution. Once payment is complete, track transaction history and payment status.



Gain insights into how your customers interact with the product. These insights allow business decisions to be led by data, providing the information needed to improve crucial product factors.

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