Mental wellbeing fitness app
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Wellbeing and fitness
Angular 2 and ReactJS, Swift for iOS and Java for Android, PHP, Rails, Ruby and Python, Amazon S3 integration, AI – NLS and Tensorflow framework
The project has felt like it is in excellent hands. The team have been thoroughly responsive, engaged and genuinely interested and motivated to make the project the absolute best it can be.”


The stigma around mental health keeps people from discussing it. But if people with mental health issues could share their feelings and see how many others felt the same way, not only would they feel better but the stigma would slowly disappear.


When users share their mood, Moodit shows who else is feeling that way and generates a mood graph. Then it offers useful info and tasks to improve their mental wellbeing, resilience and ability to understand themselves.

Our help

Our AI-based algorithm aggregates and analyses the info in order to give users data and suggestions. Moodit hope to develop it in the future to be able to predict patterns that flag mental health difficulties – in order to offer advice and early intervention.

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