You don’t need coding skills. Or a big budget.

Give your business the software it needs, right now. Your own app, tailor-made with rigorously tested code and specialist developers (who you never need to manage).

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Our award-winning platform won ‘Best COVID-19 Innovation for Recovery’ at CogX 2020 and at The Europas 2020, we won 'Hottest AI Startup'.

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Costs and timings upfront

Build what you need on time – and stay in budget.
Software can help you stay competitive but while you’re trying to grow a business, managing a technical project can add a big strain. Off-the-shelf options aren’t designed for your business but custom software can seem way out of your budget. We give you a guaranteed price upfront – and a set timeline. So you stay on top of everything (hassle-free).

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Why 78% of projects fail...

And why yours won’t.
Crazy statistic, isn’t it? 78% of software projects started by small and medium businesses fail. Our founder was also let down by developers – that’s why we’re here. His vision was an assembly line of reusable parts (like login, Live Chat or shopping cart). AI suggests ones your idea needs and finds the best specialist to customise them to fit your idea. That’s It’s why you can rely on our timings, prices and the quality of our code.

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Code you can rely on

Rigorous testing – means everything just works.
First, automatic code analysis tools pick up any simple mistakes – to improve the quality and security of your code. Then it’s rechecked by humans, who don’t have to waste time on typos and can concentrate on improving the experience of using your app. You can monitor your project closely through a simple dashboard, make changes or pause it, at the click of a button. And you can chat to an expert 24/7.

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