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Liquor delivery app

Why build a liquor delivery app?

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During lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic, the world's seen an increase for on-demand alcohol delivery service. Before the coronavirus pandemic, far fewer businesses were serving their customers through on-demand alcohol delivery apps and e-commerce platforms. But alcohol stores with no online presence, shut their operations and failed to sell a single unit. Building an app for your liquor store business isn't important just because of this lockdown era, it's just accelerated the need for your business to digitally transform.

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Must-have features for your alcohol delivery application

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Some of these are essential (and apply to all on-demand delivery apps), others will help your app stand out from the rest of the market. 

User account
Like any other on-demand delivery app, yours should let customers sign up or login using an email and password. As well as verifying their identity, it helps you to build brand loyalty with your customer base.

This allows your app users to browse your product listing on your app. Utterly essential.

Working with the key feature above, this lets people filter their search results. Your filters could be brand name, price, drink categories, product availability, most popular, or something else. It's completely up to you.

Shopping cart
Your customers can add or remove bottles from their cart and then place an order instantly or at a later date. 

In-app payment
Getting paid is obviously essential! Modern apps don’t just don’t need an in-app payment system but a multi-payment mode.

Order tracking
The ability to tracking delivery time is important too because your customers want to get their favorite drinks delivered as soon as possible. How about allowing them to track their order delivery live?

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This depends on where you are in the world. It’s perfectly legal in plenty of countries while others have banned it, so you’ll need to check your local laws before you launch. (And again, if you’re planning on expanding globally, later on.)

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Why build your on-demand alcohol delivery app with us?

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As an alcohol shop owner, you can do everything you need to turn your idea into a scaled success. These 4 products make it fast, easy and cost effective too:

Builder Now:our free app prototyping tool allows you to see how your liquor delivery app idea will look before you start – in less than 10 minutes. 

Builder Studio: an app-building platform where you don’t need to code a single line. Start by selecting the delivery app that’s most similar to your idea, pick the amazing features you want to have in your app and you’re ready to go.

Studio One: our aftercare service helps keep your software products updated and running smoothly. 

Builder Cloud: lets you operate at scale and make huge savings. It helps you run your app on any public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

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