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Build a salon app

Build an app for your beauty salon or spa without coding a single line. We at Builder, make it easy, fast, and cost-effective to build apps for your salon business. Now manage your customers and salon effortlessly by creating a salon management app with us.

Why should you build your app?

No one wants to wait at your salon or be in the queue to get their salon services. Yes, you read it right. People are time savvy now and prefer getting an appointment prior to their visit to the salon. Today Millennial prefers for a salon having mobile apps to serve their customer rather than those who don’t have an app. Getting appointments prior to their service helps them to save their time and money as well. More and more salon and spa businesses are building their mobile apps to better serve their customers. So, what are you waiting for? Build an app for your salon or spa business today!

What we can build for you

We can help you build apps to manage your customers and business as well. Here’s what we can build for you.

Customer app: Customer app helps you serve your customers effectively. This app facilitates your app users, to book, edit, and cancel the appointment. Check your services online, raise the query, and avail discount offers. 

Salon management app: Salon management app/software helps you manage your salon/spa effectively. You can generate invoices, manage your finance, customers, discounts & offers, and many other activities.

Must-have features for your salon app

Business apps are not just apps today but the backbone of your business. Feature-packed apps play an important role in the success of your business. The same goes for a salon or spa business. Here are the must-have features for your salon app.

Appointment booking: This is the must-have feature in any salon app. This feature allows your customers to book, edit, and cancel appointments. 

Direction: As your business is location-oriented, having GPS navigation in your app will help your customers navigate through and reach your centre easily.

Loyalty points: Loyalty points help businesses keep customer retention rates high. Just by sharing a part of your profit back to your customers will keep them coming back.

Discounts & Coupons: Discounts and coupons help you drive customers back. This could be the best choice to have in your app. 

In-app payment: It’s the time of digital payments. What if your app allows your customers to pay via your app and get the payment receipt in their inbox. 

Product shopping: If you offer and recommend a series of products to your customers then putting those products on your app could be a money-making model for you.

Which app builder should I pick?

You’re searching ‘salon app maker’ and faced with millions of options. Obviously we’d suggest choosing us! But whoever you pick, here are some key questions to have in mind:

What happens if this project goes over budget?

(We give you a guaranteed price that never goes up. If we finish faster, you pay less.)

How do I know the timeline is accurate?

(You decide your timeline. Need it faster, you’ll pay more. And you’ll pay less for a more relaxed pace. This is all set upfront too.)

Will this be created by specialists?

(We work with thousands of developers around the world, our AI tests and selects the best specialist for your job.)

Can I get help 24/7?

(You’ll have your own product expert on call in whichever timezone works best for you. And our team are online and available to help you day or night.)

Will I need to write code or have any technical knowledge?

(Not with us. We make building software as easy as ordering a pizza.)

Will I need to manage developers or agencies?

(Again, not with us. Your product expert will manage your entire project from first call to successful app launch.)

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