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What kind of travel apps can you build?

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The travel industry is one of the most competitive industries and crammed with options to anyone looking to plan their vacation. In an industry that already has hundreds of applications in the market you need to offer a product that’s faster, easier and smarter than the existing ones. We’re here to help you build custom apps that fill these gaps. Here’s what you can build: 

Hotel aggregator app: Build a hotel aggregator app like, OYO, and Goibibo. It’s easy to build your hotel booking apps for iOS, Android, and web. No coding, just expert help from our team.

Flight booking app:These make booking flights extremely easy for the traveller. If you have an idea to make flight booking even easier, we can help you build that idea – fast.

Transportation app: Without local transportation, you can’t imagine a trip. If you’re looking to solve issues for your city’s transit and travel and want to build something like Lyft, Uber, Ola or something different then build that taxi booking app idea, without coding with us. It’s easy to get started. 

Travel guides app: Do you have an app idea to guide travelers to make their journey more comfortable? Build a travel guide app like Waze, Tripadvisor, or Triposo – you don’t need to write any code, you just need a smart idea.

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Features for your travel app

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Using a mobile travel app is like having a travel agency at your fingertips. To succeed in the travel industry, already packed with thousands of applications, you need to get a product 9 times better than the existing solution. Your app features make your app stand apart. Here are the must-have features for your travel application. 

  • One tap login: Like any other mobile app, easy sign up and sign in are a core feature of a travel application. Get one-tap-sign in and sign up from Gmail, Linkedin and Facebook to let your users get into your app using their existing accounts. 
  • Search:You can’t even imagine an aggregator or listing based application without the search feature. This feature allows a user to search for anything on the app, just by typing a word in.  
  • Filters:Another essential app feature, filters help users sort the search results according to their budget or other preferences. The filter is one of the must-have features for hotel and flight booking applications. 
  • Listing:This feature is essential for aggregator apps, whether it's for flight or hotel booking, or for travel packages. Users want to have a list of similar offerings when they search for or navigate to particular categories.
  • Ratings & reviews: Let your users rate their experience as this will help other users make better decisions - and increase user engagement.
  • Itinerary: Booking history or itinerary is something that a user would like to access, after booking service on your app. It’s one of the essential features of your travel app.
  • In-app payment: An app without in-app payment options is not considered an app in today’s era. Don’t forget to have a multi-payment service.    
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6 steps to build your travel apps

Travel app with location and navigation

  1. Decide on your type of software: What kind of travel apps do you want to build with us? Whether it’s a mobile app, a desktop app, a web app, or something else – you can select one or any combination.
  1. Choose the most similar app to your idea: Choose an app, or apps, that are closest to your app idea. There are hundreds of travel app templates to choose from that could be the best fit, if you’re planning to build something that already exists in the world.
  1. Select the features you want: Go with the auto-suggestion from our AI-powered library of features for your travel app, or add any custom ones you want in your application. 
  1. Select the launch platform: Do you want to go with iOS, Android, Desktop OS (Windows or Mac) or web? Select the launch platform you want to launch your travel app – go with one or a combination of all.
  1. Select your team and delivery time:Choose the team from the global time zone you prefer and your delivery time (how quickly you want your travel app developed).
  1. Launch the app:You’re ready to launch your travel apps. We’ll help you prepare for a successful launch.
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Why build your travel apps with us?

Travel app with location and navigation

Software as easy as ordering pizza – that’s what we offer and building your travel app with us couldn’t be simpler. Build any kind of travel app without writing code at a lower cost and double the speed. We got everything to make your app-building journey easy, fast, and cost-effective. Here’s why you should build your app with us. 

Builder Studio:Don’t start from scratch. Yes, don’t build from scratch but start assembling your travel app from hundreds of reusable features from our library of reusable features. Just select the most similar app to your app idea, select the features suggested by our human-assisted AI and you are ready to spec your app idea. You can see your app prototype in 10 minutes or less – it’s instant and no techie knowledge required.  

Builder Cloud:Run your app on any public cloud including AWS (Amazon Web Services), DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, or Alibaba Cloud with Builder Cloud – one cloud for all. Choose our prepaid Cloud Wallet and you can access all the public clouds under one account – with zero chance of overspending. Stop worrying about cloud bills as we’ve helped hundreds of business organisations save big on their cloud spend (they saved $4.5m last year alone).      

Studio One: Technologies keep changing and you need to update their code to keep your software products running smoothly. We ensure your product stays fresh forever, with the help of our backend technology which updates your product codes whenever required so that your apps run smoothly with zero downtime. We update it before you realise there was a need for it.

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Case studies

Solving complex business challenges for global brands like NBC Universal, Fujitsu, the BBC and Pepsi.


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Asia’s largest cash and carry needed software that could scale with their rapid growth, so we built them something that allowed them to onboard new customers without technical hiccups.

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BBC Click producers needed an app that enabled their live audience to interact with polls and questions, which delivered in double-quick time.

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