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Got a great idea for a new music streaming app? Don’t hang around, it’s easy, fast and costs much less than you’d think with us. Build your own cloud-based audio library app like Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Wynk for iOS, Android and desktop.

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What kind of music apps can you build?

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Music sharing apps: Builder Studio lets you build community-based music sharing and distribution apps like SoundCloud. These apps let people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse music creator community on earth. They’re for both music lovers, musicians and music creators, as sharing music lets listeners connect directly with artists.

Podcast & music apps: Build your own podcast apps like Stitcher, Castbox and Spotify for iOS and Android. These apps also let people play their favorite podcasts and radio. Whether you're having an adventure on your commute or laughing out loud at home – it’s for those who love to listen.

Music streaming apps: Build that music streaming app like Youtube Music or Apple Music! Let your users stream there favorite music by giving them access to millions of songs and albums online. These apps enable ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, playlists with music and downloading songs for offline playback.

Portable music apps: These apps make media collections portable. They allow listeners to upload their favorite songs to the cloud and stream from anywhere on any device. Apps like AudioBox and Groove Music are some of the most popular portable music apps around.

Radio apps: These kinds of apps have several radio stations and can play radio over the internet. Curating the tens of thousands of internet radio stations around the world is an art in itself.

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Features to consider while developing a music app

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You just don't need a digital product, but one that's 9 times better than the existing ones in the market. Your applications features will help you stand apart from the crowd and win over the ears (and hearts) of your listeners. Features ease app navigation and help users to discover and consume more content. So, be wise while you decide on your app features.

Here’s the list of features for a music streaming app. 

  • Registration: Like any other apps you need an easy signup and sign-in process. One-tap signup using Gmail and Facebook, enables your users to signup or sign in using their Gmail account or social handles. 
  • Quick Search: It’s an essential feature of your music app. Let your users find what they’re looking for with a quick and handy search feature. 
  • Music Player: You can’t imagine a music app without a music player! It’s important to make sure you have an audio-only playback music player, this lets your users listen to music in the background while they use their phone. 
  • Playlist: Musical tastes are so varied they can start relationships and cement friendships. So let your listeners create their own playlists. Spotify for example allows you to create 3 playlists – Artist, Albums and a custom one.
  • Play Offline: Not essential but this could be a handy addon to your application, if you allow your listeners to download music and play it offline. 
  • In-app purchase: What about monetization? If you want to sell monthly subscriptions, then this one is a must-have. 
  • Recommendation: Make recommendations from your music library to your listeners according to their geographic location and music preferences. Spotify is doing this extremely well by recommending music and podcasts. 
  • Regional First: This feature comes into play when you go for multilingual and multi-regional. Your app should load regional content first, if your app supports multi-region and multilingual.
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Which platforms to build for?

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iOS or Android, or both and which app platform should you choose for testing your MVP (Minimum Viable Product, a bare bones version of your app)? The answer is simple – when you launch, go for all the platforms so you can leverage users from all backgrounds. The popularity of a mobile platform varies from country to country. The USA is full of iOS users, while Europe and Asia have more Android users.

However, if you’re tight on a budget and want to test your MVP in the market, choose one wisely on the basis of audience geo-location and their preferences. If you’re planning to launch a full-fledged audio streaming platform then we recommend going for 3 main platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
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Steps to build a successful music app with us

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Building an app with us is as easy as ordering a pizza – our happy customers agree on that. You’ve got the idea and we want to help you bring it to life. Go through the steps described below to build your successful music app with us.

Select the type of software:Select the type of software you want to build – app, web, wearables. 

Select similar apps to your idea: Select the most similar apps to your application idea. Pick Spotify, Amazon Music or Shazam to build your music app.

Select the features: Select the features from auto-suggestions based on your app idea, remove or add any custom features you want to have in your application.

Decide your deliverables: nail down your platforms ( iOS, Android, desktop, wearables, or web), design, working speed and delivery dates.

Relax: You are done from your side. We’ll assemble your app in no time. 

Launch:Our customer product experts will be in touch with you to prepare your app for a successful launch.

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