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Build your florist app

You can build an app for your flower shop, without coding a single line. We make it simple to build, run, and scale on-demand flower delivery apps for iOS, Android and web. Now is the perfect time to go digital and operate your flower shop 24/7. Grow your business and build your app today.

Why build a flower delivery app?

A lot has changed during this Covid-19 pandemic – the way we used to interact, do business, shop and work. Today, almost every business runs on digital assets or with the help of digital assistants. Florists who had no online presence made almost zero sales. So right now is the time to build an app for your flower business.

Even without a global pandemic, your flower delivery business needs a mobile app. You have the ability to reach a far wider audience, catch customers whenever the thought of saying it with flowers pops into their head and it’s much more cost effective for your business.

What features do I need in my flower delivery app?

Having a feature-packed app makes shopping effortless for your customers and increases your sales – while reducing your work.

Here’s a list of some cool, must-have features:   

Schedule delivery
On-time delivery is the main concern when it comes to sending flowers. Letting your customers schedule a delivery time can be a game-changer for your business.  

Send a gift
Flowers are all about love and romance. Make it easy for your customers to send a customised gift to their loved ones and you’ll add an extra star to your app review.

Bouquet customization
Flowers are very personal. So what if your app lets your customers customise their bouquets or pick their favourite flowers?

We really recommend you have this feature in your app. Personalisation is something that everyone is looking for, especially in a heartfelt gift.

In-app payment
Like any other on-demand delivery app, in-app payment is one of our most recommended features. Don’t just get a payment system but a multi-payment option. You’ll make more sales.

Filter and sorting
Let your app users search, filter and sort through your flowers and gifts. This feature makes discovering their perfect blooms easy.

Which platform and what’s an MVP?

Before you build your full app, you might want to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), this is a bare bones version of your app to see if everything is as you want it before going for the full build. 

You’d usually build an MVP for just one platform (either Android or iOS) so we recommend working out which of these has the highest percentage of users near you. You can find this data out through various market research websites. According to a report from Statista, Android holds (2019 data) 74.13% global market share where iOS holds 24%. 

Our experts can talk you through whether you need an MVP and which platforms would work best for your florist business. In fact, you’ll get your own expert, who’ll manage your whole project from start to finish.

How does Builder Studio work?

We make software building as easy as ordering pizza. That’s thanks to our software assembly line. Our human-assisted AI lets you build software products by selecting the features from the most similar apps to your idea. Then our specialist developers and designers customise these features, so that they fit your florist business perfectly. 

It’s easier, faster and cheaper – even better, you end up with rigorously tested code that just works. If you’re thinking about building your flower delivery app, give us a call today.

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