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Create your fitness app

Build your health and fitness app without coding a single line. Try a fitness app creator that lets you build any kind of healthy apps, from a calorie counter to activity tracker, a personal trainer to fitness center app. But first, how do you start?

What does your fitness app do?

Sounds obvious but app features play a vital role in your app’s success story, so choose yours carefully. We let you swap these around and make changes – even once we’ve started building.

Activity Tracker: Most fitness apps have this feature and it tops the list of fitness apps selection criteria. This feature allows your users to track their activity on their phones or wearable app.

Heart Rate Monitoring: This is the second most popular feature that users are looking for in their application. And adding Smartwatch features could give your app an edge.

Calorie Counter: Having a calorie counter is essential, whether your app is designed to help people who’re working out to gain or lose weight.

Diet planner: Get this right and this can be really engaging. Fitness lovers prefer to go with a diet plan that comes with facts, figures, and stats.  

Sleep tracking: This isn’t a top priority for those searching for fitness apps but having a sleep tracker is a handy addition to your app. It helps your customers get a fuller picture of their health.

Which platforms do you need?

It makes sense to pick one platform for your MPV (minimum viable product, a bare bones version of your app to check it’s working the way you want). But when you’re ready to launch your app, adding more platforms increases your audience.
It’s not just iOS and Android to cover off all mobile users, you can add wearables or web applications too.

Here are some platforms to consider:
Wear OS

Why build your app with

No-code: Builder Studio helps you create a fitness app without any technical knowledge. And you’ll get your own dedicated expert to guide you through the whole app building process.

Simple: Pick the app most similar to your app idea, add or remove any features (like login, shopping cart, tracker), choose the platform(s) you prefer – and we’ll start building.

Cost-effective: Instead of starting from scratch, you can stack features together, like building blocks. Then, they’re customised by experts. It’s faster, cheaper and more reliable too.

Aftercare: Stay worry-free with Builder Care, one of our aftercare services upgrades, updates and fixes any future bugs. Third-party changes won’t stop your app running perfectly.

Scale your idea: Thinking big? Builder Cloud offers massive savings on your cloud capacity (we saved our customers over $4.5m, last year).

Need a little inspiration?

It makes sense to do exhaustive competitor research to find your gap in the huge health and fitness market. To get you started, here are 4 apps that are ultra-popular with fitness fans and why we love them.  

Fit: Google’s amazing fitness app is a great start for pinching inspiration. This app probably has everything you’ll need.

Runtastic: One of the most popular among athletes and runners. This app has everything an athlete could want (unless you have a better idea?) for their workouts.

Lifesum: An app for all, no matter whether you workout to lose weight or gain some. The app lets you track your food and exercise to live a healthier life and reach your fitness goals.

Strava: A network-based fitness app, that allows you to track your cycling and running exercise. It’s one of the most famous in the cyclist community.

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