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Build a food delivery app

If you need to create a food delivery app, we make it simple (and quick). That’s essential whether you’re a restaurant owner who suddenly needs to offer delivery, or you’re an artisan food producer whose shops are only possible online, now. Unlike other services which take a cut of your sales, once you build your food delivery app, all that profit is yours. And right now, we know that’s vital.

Will your price go up?

No. We give you a price upfront. On your kick-off call with our expert, you’ll see onscreen that as you add or remove features, the price will go up or down. And once you’ve agreed what your app needs, that price is guaranteed. You pay weekly so if we get it done quicker, you’ll actually pay less.

I really need this now. Don’t software projects always overrun?

No, that’s why Builder was created. Our founder was trying to develop some software and found the whole process long, expensive, messy and inefficient. So he set up a company where you know that all the prices and timings will be stuck to.

How do you build apps faster and better and not charge more?

We found that 60% of all software is made up of around 500 features (these are things like Facebook login, shopping cart or push notifications). So we’ve built a library of these that you can stack together, however you like. We help you do this and then our network of specialist developers customise them to perfectly fit your idea.

Not starting from scratch is obviously faster and cheaper. Plus our library of features and proven to work together and so the code is more reliable too.

Ok, how do I start to develop my food delivery app?

You don’t need a complicated delivery app maker, just pick the app most similar to your idea. Say you want an app like Uber Eats? Go to Builder Studio, click on the Uber Eats icon and it’ll bring up all the features which that app uses. Chat to our product expert and add or remove any features. Maybe you don’t need Facebook login? Your app will cost less.

My idea isn’t like anything else out there, can you help?

The great thing about our building block method is that you can do what’s been done before brilliantly. But you can also do anything else that you can imagine. Food that you order on your watch? No problem. Michelin starred recipe boxes, vegan ice cream delivery, fighting food waste, gourmet pet food, drone delivery – if you’ve found a new niche, we’ll help you build the app that showcases your idea.

Build your food delivery app now!

You’ve no time to lose, build a food delivery app today. You don’t need any techie knowledge, just a quick call to one of our experts. You can even prototype your software idea for free – it takes less than 10 minutes!

Unleash your idea on the web, easily today