Food delivery app builder that helps you scale

Use our AI-powered app builder to build Android and iOS food delivery apps that allow you to take orders online and deliver food to your customer’s location.

  • Save development time - fully managed service from kick-off to delivery; no coding or tech knowledge needed

  • Get total transparency - guaranteed pricing and clear project timelines

  • Make unlimited customisations - get fully custom apps to suit your needs

Serving the world's leading brands

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Mobile platforms you can build for

Whether it’s Android mobile devices, iOS mobile devices or both, we’ve got you covered


Using our AI-powered app builder, we develop Android apps that are ready to launch on the Google Play Store.


Using our AI-powered app builder, we develop iOS apps that are ready to launch on the Apple App Store.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Using our AI-powered app builder, we develop PWAs that deliver seamless user experiences on desktop.

Here's how it works

Match with an expert

They’ll manage your food delivery app development project - from kick-off to delivery.

Share your food delivery app idea

Spec out your food delivery app with our expert - they’ll give you a fixed price and competitive timelines for your project. Plus, they provide an app prototype to help visualise your food delivery app effectively.

AI assembles your food delivery app

Your expert helps you choose an app template including your key features, and adds the custom functionality you need. Then our AI-powered app builder fits these Lego-like building blocks together to create your food delivery app.

Specialists customise your food delivery app

Mobile app designers and developers tailor your food delivery app features and alter the app designs - making your app uniquely yours.

Your food delivery app is ready!

We deliver your food delivery app ready to launch - plus we help you maintain it with aftercare!

Builder Studio apps made to order

Benefits of using our food app maker for your business streamlines the time and effort required to build your food delivery app and launch it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.'s app builder has everything you need to start delivering food online.

Save development time

Every no-code mobile app builder has a learning curve. But our fully managed service means you don’t need any technical skills or to mess around with any online coding courses or resources. Instead, we use our AI-powered app builder to deliver your food delivery app as efficiently as possible.

Builder Studio dashboard screen displaying a food delivery app and it’s development speed

Get total transparency

We charge per feature, laying everything out in a pre-agreed Buildcard before your app’s development even starts. You can interact with experts when you need to and view your project’s progress in your all-in-one project dashboard, Builder Home

A restaurant entrepreneur talking with his chef having a laptop, diary and drinks on the table

Keep your app fresh

We don’t abandon you as soon as your project is complete. Instead, you get Studio One included for a year, which supports, updates and protects your app. This ensures your app stays bug-free, secure and up-to-date, proactively recognising and solving issues before you or customers notice.

Mobile app update notification having a food delivery boy in the background

Build universal apps

Say goodbye to compatibility issues as we develop apps that work across all Android and iOS devices. With us, you don’t have the headache of device fragmentation because your app works seamlessly even across multiple OS versions.

A food delivery app in hand where the user is taping on the screen to explore a dish

Own your code

Unlike most app-building platforms, there’s no vendor lock-in, meaning you own your code when you build with us. That means you can easily migrate your app to another provider when your payment plan is complete or scale your app independently.

A concept of code ownership for a food delivery app having a food delivery app screen, code snippets and download icon

Access unlimited integrations

Unlock your app’s full potential by adding any integration you like. You’re not restricted to our library, giving you the freedom to integrate with anyone and choose from our large marketplace of third parties.

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Benefit from a range of hosting options

When you choose us as your food delivery app builder, you can run on Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean and other cloud providers.

A concept of hosting solutions for food delivery apps having an entrepreneur and icons of AWS, DigitalOcean and Azure.

App distribution platforms to release your food delivery app

Launch your food delivery app effortlessly across multiple platforms of your preference.

Google Play Store icon

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the primary Android app store, listing around 3 million apps across a wide range of categories. It’s the go-to choice for businesses operating in developing economies like India.

Amazon Appstore icon

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is the second-largest Android distribution platform, listing around 500,000 apps. It allows those targeting Android audiences to do so with less competition than Google Play Store.

Apple App Store icon

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store is the primary iOS app store, listing over 2 million apps in a variety of categories. Prioritise iOS if your business caters to developed economies like the USA and European countries.

Need help to decide?

Find out which plan is right for you

In less than 60 seconds

Builder’s AI approach to building your app

What’s unique about is its approach to using AI to create apps. We’ve set up an AI-powered software assembly line to simplify the whole food delivery app development process.

We use Natasha, the world’s first AI product manager, and the right amount of humans to make your whole app development journey seamless.

Natasha can process information, much like a human brain, to:

Recommend you the features you need based on the type of app you're building.

Natasha gathers 80% of the information automatically

Generate instant prototypes and then convert prototypes into code.

Natasha takes only 60 seconds to turn design files into front-end code

Recommend the best-suited developer for your app project

As much as 60% of the code is automated by Natasha

Test and check your approved design and code to spot any issues

Natasha uses automation to test the app in 60 seconds

Predict potential project delays and reallocates resources as needed

Natasha helps us achieve an exceptionally high success rate

In other words, it assists you, project managers and developers at every stage of your app build. vs other AI app builders
Other app developers
AI experience
5+ years

0 - 1 year

Dedicated AI manager
Natasha - World’s first AI app building product manager

Chatbot interface or specific use cases within the apps

Use of AI
Uses AI to streamline the whole app development process and enhance user experience

Limited usage for various purposes like code or content generation, testing, or chatbots

Development speed
Rapid development

Development speed may vary

High flexibility to create simple, complex and innovative app projects

Limited flexibility

Guaranteed price with no hidden costs

Costs and project time can spiral

Code ownership
You own the code

Vendor lock-in for no-code app builders; own the code with dev agencies

Delivering apps to happy customers

Great customer experience

As someone without much experience in software development, they have made a real effort to understand what I am trying to achieve and a lot of patience, and flexibility, as my vision was not fully baked when we started. The team has made the entire design & development process easy for me to navigate, including guiding me in the necessary decisions along the way.

Excellent support

Developing product can be done by any company .the important part is how you are giving support at critical time, gave that support at hard times.

Plangamy - Learn Languages ( Our App)

Builder is building our application and so far we have received the best outcome. The team from business development to ui/ux and productologist ( Mr Ansar) is doing a fabulous job. Plangamy is very much satisfied for the overall work till date. Keep up the good work.

Professional Organization

Professional Organization, made the journey of App development a great one. Working with the teams is incredible, the project manager Ms. Divya is a dedicated competent person who is friendly and professional. The whole team deserves a huge thanks for their great efforts and support.


As an entrepreneur I don't want hassles in my app development and builder made it easy for me to give me what's in my mind …

I have recently collaborated with…

I have recently collaborated with Builder ai. There support on building the project is amazing. Shaheen the product expert is giving me better ideas which is helping us to enhance the product better. has a seamless process and… has a seamless process and system to execute complex technical projects. Builder maintains complete transparency across all stages of the project delivery. The project management team is very experienced and ensures that the complete clarity on product roadmap is created with their intelligence and expertise so the project delivery and execution becomes seamless with both developers and client having the complete clarity. Project management team ensures to create a balance in requirement and execution stage which ensures the project is delivered as per the client`s expectations.

Real success stories from real customers

See how companies like yours used’s app platform to help them achieve their business goals

How we enabled Bandi Bytz to fill a market gap

As no one in their neighbourhood was offering a food delivery service, a group of entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and Studio Store helped them capitalise on it.

How we enabled Eat@Denby’s to sell delicious food free from fees

During the pandemic, we helped restaurant owner Louise take her business online with her own website and app, allowing her to keep all her profits.

How we enabled digital transformation for Kitchenfirst

Grocery store owner, Hemant Keshari, was losing customers fast when Covid-19 hit. So he decided to digitalise, which allowed him to expand his customer base and future proof his business.


What are the benefits of food delivery apps?

Here are the biggest food delivery app benefits:

  • Launch your app hassle free; use no-code app builders or to create your food delivery app without any tech knowledge
  • Retain customers efficiently; unlike marketplaces, you own the customer data and relationships. Leverage insights on buying habits and behaviours to increase retention rates and drive long-term success
  • Manage operations seamlessly; with a range of secure payment options, including debit cards, credit cards and mobile payments, you can seamlessly process online orders for both collection and delivery
  • Market your restaurant with ease; use push notifications and email marketing as well as promo codes and loyalty points to increase customer acquisition and retention

What is a food delivery app builder?

A food delivery app builder is a user-friendly software platform that empowers you to create a food delivery app without extensive coding knowledge. It simplifies the app development process, allowing you to design, configure and personalise your own apps.

These platforms offer a range of features like in-app functionalities and user interfaces to make app creation accessible to everyone. Whether you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, a food delivery app builder lets you bring your ideas to life.

What are the best food delivery app builders?

The best no-code app builders for building food delivery apps are: 1 - | 2 - AppMachine | 3 - | 4 - Buildfire | 5 - Adalo

The best online store builders for building food delivery apps are: 1 - Shopify | 2 - Squarespace | 3 - BigCommerce | 4 - WooCommerce | 5 - Wix

Can I create a food delivery app prototype?

Yes you can! With our free prototyping tool, Builder Now, you can create a clickable mockup of your idea in under 10 minutes. Experiment with the flow of your app and share it with friends, customers or investors for feedback.

Why should I choose to create my food delivery app? offers a fully managed service, meaning there's zero learning curve and no drag-and-drop dread. You can build sophisticated platforms with custom functionalities with us in comparison to the rigid templates used by other no-code/low-code app builders.

When you work with, your app development cost is finalised before your project starts in a Buildcard, which lists every feature that makes up your app. Because this process is handled up front, you receive a guaranteed pricing plan for your app project, meaning there are no nasty surprises down the line.

What’s more is you own your code once your two-year payment plan is complete, making it easy to migrate your app to another platform or add custom features to meet emerging business needs.

Finally, we bundle in an app maintenance service for the first year of your project, ensuring your app and website stay up-to-date, bug-free and secure.

Q6 - How much does it cost to build a food delivery app? gives you custom pricing for your food delivery app project because we charge per feature. Our AI fits all your features together and lists all your app development costs in a Buildcard before you pay for your food delivery app, so there are never any uncalled surprises.

How much does it cost to build a food delivery app? gives you custom pricing for your food delivery app project because we charge per feature. Our AI fits all your features together and lists all your app development costs in a Buildcard before you pay for your food delivery app, so there are never any uncalled surprises.

How can I create a food delivery app without coding?

There’s no coding involved when you use’s food delivery app builder. Our fully managed service takes care of everything from kick-off to delivery, meaning you don’t even need to drag and drop to create your app.