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Build your own taxi booking app, today

Great app idea? Build an app like Uber, fast – with no-coding skills.

How to make an app like Uber

So how does no coding, app building work? It’s as easy as it sounds. First up, you head to Builder Studio and click on ‘Uber’. We’ll bring up all the features you need for that app (things like driver tracking and secure payments). But obviously yours will be different, so you can add any extra features or remove any ones you don’t need. Simple.
Then our network of specialist developers around the world will customize your software, so that it completely fits your idea.

Why build your taxi-booking app with us?

Take your taxi business online. You’ll get real time tracking, like Uber. and you can set dynamic pricing based on any criteria you like - from busy traffic, unsocial hours or available drivers and distance. You can reward loyalty and give cheaper rides to customers who invite friends.

What your taxi app can offer your customers

Book rides instantly: We build native Android and iOS apps, which means they work faster and your customers have a better experience.

Profile bio: Lets drivers and customers create their own bios, so they can choose whether to accept rides.

Geo-fencing: Match customers with their nearest driver, instantly. And give them accurate ride times.

Secure payments: Customers can save their card details and all payments are secure. And we support different currencies.

Security for you too: 2-factor authentication and phone verification help you to make sure all your users are genuine.

Notifications: Tell customers exactly where their ride is.

Review and ratings: Our smart tech means it’s simple for drivers and customers to rate each other. Essential for trust.

How to compete with Uber

Offer something new – like creative ways to ride for free. Or only use electric cars for example. Motorbikes instead of cars? All these have worked well around the world. Ride-sharing is another feature that’s ripe for innovation especially as environmental concerns grow. What’s your idea? And as the taxi industry worldwide is set to grow by 9.22% by 2024, there's plenty of pie to share around.

Unleash your idea on the web, easily today