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Looking to build your own Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or IP telephony app? You can build it fast with us – with no coding skills and no huge price tag either. Build your own cross-platform messaging app and Voice over IP (VoIP) service app like WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat for end-users and business organizations – today.

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What kind of VoIP apps can you build?

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Builder Studio lets you build feature-packed VoIP apps for different VoIP services, including device-based VoIP services, software-based VoIP services, mobile VoIP Services and finally, web-based VoIP services. Let’s dig into these a little bit:

Desktop apps: These VoIP apps are popular among businesses organisations (especially if they use BPO/KOP/LPO – where services are outsourced and communications between organisations often oversees are essential for day-to-day running of the business). These VoIP apps include facilities like voicemail, video chat, call recording, ring-all, call forwarding, call analytics and many more custom key features. We can help you create anything you can dream up and build your VoIP calling apps for Windows and macOS.

Web apps: These cloud-based web apps work similarly to desktop apps and can be accessed through any web browsers. Simply by logging into a cloud-based web application, you can use VoIP services from any devices (all you need is a web browser and an internet connection). It’s simple to start building your VoIP web apps today.

Mobile apps: There are hundreds of VoIP apps that provide messaging and Voice over IP services. Some of the most famous VoIP apps are Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and Skype. The market is huge and growing, so, what are you waiting for? Build your VoIP mobile apps for iOS and Android without coding a single line, with us.

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What key features should your VoIP application have?

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VoIP applications vary depending on the type of services they’re built for. Features of a desktop application (developed for corporate users) and mobile applications (developed for the end-users) may differ as they are being used for different purposes. We suggest you spend quality time researching the kind of app you’re planning to build and features your users will be looking for. And maybe throw in a few innovative ones they won’t expect.

Must-have VoIP application features:

Calls: Allows your app users to call any contact from their contact list, including your international calls. Calling may be free or you can add a cost. Viber, one of the most popular VoIP apps, helps users to call any number anywhere – it’s free for Viber users and paid for non-Viber users.

Video calls: Video calling is considered to be a must-have for mobile users. VoIP calling apps like WhatsApp and Viber allow their users to make video calls – and support them cross-platforms.  

Group calls:this feature allows hosts to add multiple people to their call. The host can add or remove any contact during the call. 

Voicemails: What if someone misses the call? Voicemail is the answer. This feature lets users leave a voicemail to the dialed number if that person doesn’t pick up.

Blocking a call: What about spammers? This feature solves the problem. It’s a one-tap solution to spammers where users can block a contact by tapping the block feature in their app.

Call recording: It’s not important but could be a nice additional feature if you allow your users to record a call. Highly recommended for VoIP applications built for business organisations.

Realtime messaging:Realtime chat or messaging is one of the most important features of your VoIP application. It allows your callers to send and receive messages over internet protocols in realtime. 

Notes: It doesn’t affect the functionality of your application but could be an addon to your platform. This feature works like a notepad and could be used to keep track of daily to-dos.

Contacts: Let users add and manage their contacts easily with this feature. This list syncs with the contact list on your phone. 

In-app purchase: How will you make money? This app feature is utterly essential if you have a monetisation model like pay per month or pay per minute subscription plan. 

Invite friends:Let your users recommend your app to others. This feature allows them to share app links to their social handles and other messaging apps.

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6 Steps to build your VoIP application

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  1. Decide on your type of software: What kind of VoIP app do you want to build with us? Whether it’s a mobile app, a desktop app, a web app, or something else – you can select one or any combination.
  2. Choose the most similar app to your idea: Choose the most similar app to your app idea. Viber, WhatsApp or Skype could be the best fit if you’re planning to build a VoIP calling app.
  3. Select the features you want: Go with the auto-suggestion from our AI-powered library of features, or add any custom ones you want in your application. 
  4. Select the launch platform: Do you want to go with iOS, Android, Desktop OS (Windows or Mac) or web? Select the launch platform you want to test your MVP – go with one or a combination of all.
  5. Select your team and delivery time:Choose the team from the global time zone you prefer and your delivery time (how quickly you want your app developed).
  6. Launch the app:You’re ready to launch your apps. We’ll help you prepare for a successful launch.
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Why build yours now?

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Communication is key to a business’ success and IP telephony technology has been used as the mainstream in business communications over the last few years. Today, this technology isn’t limited to business communications, instead non-corporate VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype are becoming standard ways to communicate. 

Millions of people use VoIP applications worldwide for day to day communications including voice and chat. According to a report by GM Insights, the Global VoIP market size was $20 billion in 2018 which is expected to grow at 12% CAGR - Forecast Period 2019 to 2025.

This market size shows a huge business opportunity for newcomers in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app today!

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