A leader’s guide to strategic planning through crises

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Like you, the last few months have seen crazy highs and lows for our CEO, Sachin Dev Duggal – from desperate late night calls and tearful presentations, to winning 'Hottest AI Startup' at the 2020 Europas and 'Best COVID Innovation for Recovery' at CogX. Join him as he chats to our head of European Sales on Thursday 27 August at 2pm about how UK businesses can steer through 2020’s unknowable territory.

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How to stay relevant

We’ve all watched as a series of ‘too big to fail’ behemoths were taken down by smaller, leaner, smarter companies but post-COVID, the whole business landscape is up for grabs. Sachin discusses disruption strategies, tech trends and how digital transformation can boost your company’s growth.

Come along and help your business thrive

The pandemic has hit every business hard, it’s time for everyone to pool experience, share strategies and build our way out of this crisis. This free webinar is for valued London Export Champions only, we’d love you to join us, ask your questions and grow.

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Frequently asked questions


What can I expect from this webinar?

You’ll get experienced advice from a serial entrepreneur and cloud pioneer about how to create a successful business plan through extraordinary times. This virtual event is completely free.


How do I join in this webinar?

Once you register, we’ll email you instructions about how to take part in the event. On the day, about 5 minutes before the scheduled time, you’ll be able to connect. Click on the link in your confirmation email.


What equipment do I need to be a part of this webinar?

You’ll need a laptop/desktop/mobile device with a webcam and microphone to join in. We’re using the Zoom platform. Download Zoom at https://zoom.us/


I can't make that time. Can I view the recording later?

Unfortunately, we don’t share a recording. But you can chat to us at Builder Live (https://www.builder.ai/builder-live) on the second Wednesday of every month, drop in anytime in the morning (from 6:30am to 12:30pm).

Or fill in your details below and book a private demo with Graeme.


Will there be a chance to ask questions?

Yes, there's a Q&A after the webinar.


Can I test the audio beforehand?

Yes, you can test the audio before joining the webinar. 

Find more details here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362283-Testing-computer-or-device-audio


What's the duration of this webinar?

From 2pm to 3pm on Thursday 27 August. This includes the webinar and Q&A session afterwards.


How much does this webinar cost?

The event is open to London Export Champions and it’s completely free.

Here’s how it works

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This event is exclusively for Export Champions

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