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Instantly prototype your ideas and bring your vision to life.

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From app idea, to app prototype

A prototype is
a preview of your app

It’s the first step to building your app. See how it looks and works before it's built. Share with stakeholders and investors to get feedback and make improvements before investing in development.

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Our prototype options



  • Build your prototype for free
  • Visualise how customers will use your app
  • Share in less than 10 minutes


  • Designed with your logo, colours and images
  • Up to 25 screens
  • Delivered in less than 5 days


  • The most realistic prototype
  • Chat with an expert
  • Every screen designed and working exactly how you want
Why start with a prototype?
Showcase your app idea

When you’re planning to build an app, getting key stakeholders to buy into your vision is critical. Translating your idea into an app prototype allows your team members, investors and even customers to experience your vision for themselves.

First impressions matter

The look and feel of your app is so important, and first impressions always start with the design. By getting a prototype of your app designed, this will help your team focus on the user experience to create a lasting impression right from the start.

Test before you invest

It’s never easy to predict whether users will like and use your app - but luckily, you don’t have to. Prototyping is a cost-effective way of getting a working model in front of your users early on. You can then use their feedback to refine your designs before investing in the app build.


Why Builder.ai?

We create custom-made prototypes for any app idea


Your idea, our platform

Our AI-powered platform generates the right screens for your prototype


Your needs, our experts

Our team of experts guide you right from the first step

Time frame

Your pace, our delivery

High-quality prototypes, in short timelines, at a fraction of the cost

Real success stories from real customers

See how companies like yours used Builder.ai’s app platform to help them achieve their business goals

Etoh logo
Small business

EtOH is leveling the playing field in the wine and spirits sector.

Technology in the wine, spirits, and beer industry is as vintage as the whiskey barrels. EtOH Suite levels the playing field by giving small and medium businesses the same digital advantage as large companies.

How we helped Moodit’s users “crowdsource” positivity

With our help, Dr Hassan Yasin created a mental health app designed to help children and adolescents express their worries and improve their social connectedness.

bobcat logo

Bobcat helps a global network of dealerships to maximise their profitability and minimise their risk.

Bobcat team members can access a range of useful tools that make it easy to compare any dealer’s performance against benchmarks for cash flow, absorption rates, and more. They’re also able to accurately predict the benefit of expanding a fleet of vehicles.

Frequently asked questions

What is a mobile app prototype?

It’s a visual mockup that lets you see how your idea will look and behave. It allows you to experiment with the flow of your app before any code is written. Create a clickable mockup of your idea in less than 10 minutes with Builder Now – our free prototyping tool.

How do you make a prototype for a mobile app?

Builder Now is the easy way to create your free, clickable software prototype – you don’t need any tech skills and it takes less than 10 minutes. Start from scratch or modify a popular app template.

How much does a mobile app prototype cost?

The average company charges about $2,000 for a prototype. We’ve made it free. Use Builder Now to create your clickable prototype and see your idea come to life.

How can I make an app prototype for free?

Builder Now is our free prototyping tool. It lets you make a clickable mockup of your idea in under 10 minutes. Experiment with the flow of your app and share it with friends, customers or investors for feedback.

How long does it take to make a prototype?

You can create a clickable mockup of your idea in less than 10 minutes with Builder Now – our free prototyping tool. The time-consuming part is when you start experimenting with different user flows (we have lots of templates to help simplify this

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