Apps crashing more than bumper cars?

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Do you regularly find yourself rage clicking and screen slamming while trying to pay a bill or book a flight? You deserve better! Life’s stressful enough, without scrappy apps making it worse - we’re here to cure your app frustrations. So, tell us which apps need some love!

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Get involved!

Whether it’s slow loading pages, needy notifications or unsolicited ads ruining your experience, just tell us which apps are more of a hindrance than a help and we’ll get the (digital) bug spray out!

Not only will you feel better for venting your digital demons, you’ll be doing them a favour too when we reach out with a quick fix.

Pop-up ads turning your app journey
into whack-a-mole?

We help SMBs, entrepreneurs and enterprises build quality software that focus on innovation from the edge.

We get to know the needs and wants of app users, then translate those into great software.

We don’t say goodbye when an app goes live, we hang around to keep our apps performing at an optimum level.


We can build anything, regardless of complexity


Guaranteed pricing and clear timelines


Aftercare keeps your software up to date and bug free

Here's how it works


Choose your base

Our AI Product Manager, Natasha, matches you with relevant app templates for your app idea, based on the world’s favourite apps.

Choose your base



Add and remove key features to meet the needs of your business and app users; you can always call on product experts for help.

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Estimate your build timeline

Prices adjust according to the speed of your app build; for example, “Speedy” costs more than “Relaxed”

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Get your Buildcard

See a full breakdown of your app’s features before committing to your project.

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Choose your payment plan

Select either weekly or monthly installments.

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Match with a product expert

After choosing your payment plan, a product expert will be assigned to your project to manage your app build.

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Review your build progress

Your real-time customer dashboard allows you to interact with your product expert and monitor your project up until the launch.

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Release your app

You’re ready to launch your app on distribution platforms like the Google Play Store and the Apple Apple Store.

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