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Cloud with safety wheels

Best-in-class cloud. No long-term contracts or runaway bills, just the right capacity at the lowest price. And yes, we automate the hell out of it.

Join the club that saves millions

We take on the long-term contracts with the big cloud providers – including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. You grab the massive savings. In fact, our customers saved over $4.5m last year. 

Using a credit card is old school

Instead, create a Cloud Wallet to spend with our cloud partners. It’s available in 82 currencies. When you run out of credit, your data is kept securely until you’re ready to start again. Set spending limits and manage your usage on our easy-to-use dashboard (no scary bills, ever).  

Moving in

It's easy to move your infrastructure from your servers to the cloud. Even if it's an intra-region move or a new one. And we'll make sure it's as cost-effective as possible. Using the power of our global creator network and some pretty awesome automation we can move just about anything from anywhere.

Great data helps you save even more

Once you know where your spend is going – where you’ve got too much capacity and where you need some more – you can avoid wasting cash. But who has time to deep dive their data? Our live dashboard makes it simple to see exactly what’s going on. 

De-risked by Builder Studio

Convert your MVP into a scaled solution. Use Builder Studio to build a scalable path to your idea.

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