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Cloud Wallet

You need to add a credit card to use all the big cloud providers’ services. Not with us. Our prepaid Cloud Wallet gives you all the cloud you need – with zero risk of running up a big bill.

Cloud with safety wheels

We’ve heard all the stories before… you budgeted $10k/month but your team came back with a $25k bill, or someone accidentally left a server running, or that time you couldn’t buy groceries because the cloud crushed your credit limit. Our Cloud Wallet is here to help (no bill shock, ever).

Using a credit card is old school

Instead, create a wallet to spend with our cloud partners. It’s available in 82 currencies and you can top up your Cloud Wallet however suits you – from bank transfers, to wallets, to credit cards – but only when you want to. When you run out of credit, your data is kept securely until you’re ready to start again.

Control your cloud budgets

Create unique wallets for your departments to spend with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba and DigitalOcean. Set spending limits for each of your teams, get detailed analytics and manage your usage on our easy-to-use dashboard. And get intelligent alerts when your spend changes.

Why choose
Cloud Wallet?

Never exceed your budget (it’s simple to add spend limits). You can allocate multiple spends to different teams or departments. That's why Cloud Wallet is popular with universities and students, as well as startups and large organisations. Why not join them today?

Software as easy
as ordering pizza