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Celebrate Mother’s Day and make your maa proud. uses AI and automation to make app building efficient, affordable and successful. Plus, order before 29th May and enjoy interest-free instalments on your app build, over a 12 month period - helping you enjoy the rewards of your app before you’ve even paid for it!

We've been so inspired by the Motherly pride of customer & Incluzon founder, Puja's Maa, Sarita Joshi, we’ve created this exclusive offer to help you make your Mom just as proud

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How it works - 4  steps

1st point

Get matched to an expert

They’ll project manage everything – from kick-off to successful delivery.

2nd point

Tell them what you need

You’ll get expert advice and a free prototype. Plus a fixed price and set deadline.

3rd point

AI assembles your app

Choose features and our AI fits them together (like Lego blocks) to form your app.

4th point

Customised by specialists

Designers and developers tailor your features to make them uniquely yours.

Get a free demo

Order before 29th May to get easy, interest-free instalments over 12 months.


The most cost effective solution on the market

AI means we can automate manual, expensive processes

Think about it - the same components appear on apps all the time - for example, sign in screens or checkout pages. We reuse features and automate the manual processes using AI, so you spend less and get your app faster.

Guaranteed pricing and a set timeline

Our AI can predict them both accurately

Before you start, you get a guaranteed price and a set timeline. Order before 29th May and get easy instalments over 12 months too. We also give you a free prototype, helping you visualise what you’re getting and spot any improvements before the build begins).

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AI makes it easy

AI makes app building so easy, anybody can do it

Build anything you can imagine

Our experts support you from idea to build. They help you bring your idea to life, without you needing to be able to speak tech. Your only limit is your imagination.

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Case Studies

Looking for a no-code app builder? See how we’ve helped everyone from big global brands to innovative entrepreneurs to build software.

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Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr Hassan Yasin, wanted to create a social media community for those facing mental health challenges. Our AI-powered platform helps people share their mood and find ways to improve it.

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For Head of Technology at Xander, our AI-powered software helped make their app building a “breeze”, as it helped show “how much cost & time impact each feature would add to the overall project.”                                            

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For the largest cash and carry in South East Asia, the solution was 98.3% cheaper than paying previous ongoing SaaS costs. We have now been a “valuable partner” for the last 2 years (Siam Makro Tech Lead)


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How much does it cost to build an app?

This depends on how complicated your app is and who you choose to build it. Our ecommerce app is freeand the order management system we built Makro cost thousands but compared to what they were using before – it was 98% cheaper! Unlike other app builders, we give you an accurate delivery time and price before you start. Our AI, Natasha, calculates this instantly and we’re so confident in her, that we guarantee your price.

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How do you create an app without any coding?

Use an app builder and you can create an app without coding. However most app builders use drag and drop templates so although they’re faster and cheaper than traditional developers, you can’t customise them very much. Builder Studio is different. You get the ease of no-code app builders and flexibility to create exactly what you need that you’d usually only get from a custom build (just without the massive price tag!)

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Can you create an app for free?

Yes, you can! Studio Store offers pre-packaged apps for all kinds of different businesses. Choose our ecommerce app and you can take 50 orders every month and not pay anything at all. You get iOS and Android apps and a website too – we’ll even host your store. And you can upgrade to unlimited orders for a very reasonable price, whenever you’re ready.

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How can I create my own app?

Want to try it out for free ? Our instant prototyping tool lets you create a mockup of your software and click through it as if it was a completed app. It takes less than 10 minutes to see exactly how your idea will look and behave. Tinker with the layout and user experience until you think it’s perfect. Then share with friends, colleagues or investors for feedback.
Then when you’re ready to build your app? Chat to us . We’ll give you a guaranteed price and set timelines and we’ll handle everything from making sure your app is a pleasure to use, to keeping it updated once it’s built. We can even save you loads on cloud hosting. And there’s no lock in, your code is yours.

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Is it hard to create an app?

It’s just like ordering pizza online – easy! Choose an app like your idea – that’s the base. Next up, pick the toppings you’d like. That’s the features (things like login or shopping cart), we’ve coded these already and they work together, like a Lego set. It’s straightforward and you don’t need any tech skills. If you’d like a hand, our team is happy to help.

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How much does it cost to publish an app on the app store?

You need a developer account to publish your app on app stores. This costs $25 for a Google Developer account to publish on Play Store. To publish an app on The App Store, it costs 99 a year for an Apple Developer account. And we’re here for you all the way, from first chat right through to your successful launch.

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How do I start an app business?

First up, research – find a gap in the market or a way your app business can offer something better for your potential customers. Try our free prototyping tool to see how your idea might work and get feedback from friends, potential customers and investors. Then choose your app development team – we’d obviously suggest but whoever you choose make sure you get exactly what’s going to be delivered, how long it’ll take and how much it’ll cost nailed down before your start (our prices are guaranteed, upfront).
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