7 benefits of apps for grocery shops

Why there’s never been a better time to get your grocery store online.

Tom Fenby

Design Head at Builder.ai
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benefits of grocery app

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The online landscape has taken the world by storm, and along with it - grocery shopping.

Much as we’re fond of traditional brown paper bags being filled up at greengrocers, the facts speak for themselves. It took over two decades for eCommerce in the UK to take up to 7% of all grocery shopping. As the pandemic began, it jumped to 13% in just 8 weeks.

Business is all about adaptation and growth. Demand for grocery shops to get online is higher than ever, and looks set to keep on growing. That’s why we at Builder.ai have put together a list of advantages for your business getting its own apps!

#1 Demand and convenience

Grocery app demand and convenience

We’ve already mentioned that demand is at an all time high, but is this only due to the pandemic?

The truth is that grocery shopping on an app is more convenient for customers AND stores. Customers place orders on-the-go or while they are at work, saving time and stress. Grocery shops save time as well, because fewer physical customers reduces the need for staff at checkouts and re-stocking shelves.

Now you can put those staff to use in preparing orders for delivery, and your entire business becomes more efficient.

#2 Customer transactions

Grocery delivery app transaction screen with customer using mobile

You’ve had those customers who forgot to bring cash? Can’t find their card? Fail to remember their pin?

THOSE ones.

Well with online shopping, there’s no need. Your app can remember customer details so that they can shop with ease.

It also improves the likelihood of impulse purchases being made, as customers can satisfy their urges without ever leaving the sofa!

#3 Personalisation

Grocery app personalisation

Customers love to feel valued, and apps offer this distinct advantage.

By using the algorithms within your own app, you can personalise advertisements and featured products to your customers. Show them their favourite treats every time they log in so that they buy that extra bit of chocolate that they can’t resist, or highlight 2021 trending products to give them a little incentive!

#4 Push notifications

Any special offers available? A customer hasn’t made their regular order for a few days? Let them know with push notifications!

Push notifications allow you to send messages that pop up on a customer’s screen even when they aren’t logged into the app. Give them a quick reminder that they still have shopping to do with you!

#5 Order tracking

Everyone hates the feeling after you’ve ordered an Amazon package and are waiting days for it to arrive.

With an app, you can provide information and updates to your customers, making them feel confident in your services. Happy customers mean more business!

#6 Apps sell products

Grocery app screen with shopper in store

Succeeding with eCommerce is one thing, but apps are proving to sell far more than online websites because of the advantages available.

With greater success rates, the only question is - why wouldn’t you get your own app?

#7 Build brand loyalty

Carve yourself a place in the minds and hearts of your customers with your own app. Use the advantages of apps to make your business known and named among customers and their friends (who in turn will become your customers too!)

With apps, you can grow and scale your business like never before.

The takeaway

Grocery shopping covers everything, from basic foodstuff to trending products to sell. WIth more customers than ever demanding apps, it makes sense to create your own grocery shop app.

With the new Studio Store from Builder.ai, you can get your own pre-packaged app at a low monthly price, with no stress. We ensure that you:

  • Pay a single monthly fee (Pay ZERO commission)
  • Receive hosting for two years with Builder Cloud
  • Stay maintained with Studio One
  • Require NO developer knowledge to create your app
  • Receive native iOs and Android apps
  • Can synch with ANY delivery service you choose

In short, everything you need to make a success of your business, without the hidden fees and the hassle.

That’s it! We’ve made it easier than ever before to get your own grocery app in 2021. So check out our Studio Store today and pick the features that you want for your own app.

Tom Fenby

Design Head at Builder.ai

Tom Fenby, is a design head at Builder.ai. He graduated from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication with first-class honours. Almost a decade and half later, he brings his prowess in product strategy, UX, research, testing, and prototyping, and is adroit with Figma, Sketch and Adobe.

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