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Here's the list of eCommerce platforms to try in 2021.

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The whys and wherefores.

So you’re looking at finding the best eCommerce platforms around. Perhaps you’re looking at open-source eCommerce platforms or a more user-friendly platform that requires monthly fees.

Well, we’re here to give you a brief overview of what you need, what you don’t, and a surprising secret that you may not know.

Ecommerce Platforms - Which is right for you?

eCommerce platforms

Open source platforms are a viable option for many businesses. With the right know-how and computer wizardry, you can set up an online business with open-source platforms such as Square and Woocommerce free of charge.

With some minor issues.

There’s a reason that open-source eCommerce platforms are free. YOU are doing most of the work.

Coding, integrations, plug-ins. The whole shebang. Unless you conveniently have a developer on board, or you’re planning on studying the technical development aspects, open-source platforms are not for the ill-equipped.

Far from being the only drawback with open-source eCommerce platforms, many other disadvantages vary from platform to platform.

Without naming and shaming (because we’re nice that way), some open-source providers fail to provide adequate customer support systems. Others hold onto funds for extended periods which can be damaging to small businesses.

Even worse are the open-source eCommerce platforms that hide away those sneaky extra charges. They play on the idea that once you’ve put the work in - you’re not going to back away once they introduce those charges. They first disclose the percentage they take from every transaction your company makes, but then suddenly you’re faced with monthly hosting costs, the domain cost, even paying for your selected wallpaper can have an added drain on your business.

They may well be sold as being ‘free’, but many fail to deliver on that promise.

Ecommerce platforms list

Now we get to the big names. You’ve seen them advertised around. Whether it’s Shopify, Wix, or BigCommerce they’re all around today.

Where one may be strong in promoting SEO, another provides one-click selling. Others offer intelligent automation to make up for weak Amazon integration options. Despite one offering cheap rates at the beginning, their scaling abilities also allow them to take a larger drain on businesses once they’re up and running.

The truth is that companies like these have built their brands around a particular design. Each unique, and none perfect. Now their reputation forces them to stick with their own ‘winning formula.’ (and a secret!) ecommerce app illustration screens

The secret of eCommerce? It’s changing.

While it’s still good to maintain an online presence, Apps are now a major player in eCommerce.

App sales are growing 46% year after year, and now make over three times as many sales as mobile websites. They’re far more effective than websites when it comes to converting potential customers.

They’re convenient, they’re secure, and they’re an invaluable opportunity for building brand loyalty. Your products on a website can slip by unnoticed, but that little app symbol on a phone screen 24/7 is a call to them every time they unlock their phone.

There’s no reason why your business should hide away in someone else’s drawer. That’s why we made apps as easy as ordering pizza. Our pre-packaged apps allow you to unlock your online business potential quickly.

Whatever your business, you can have your own app within a matter of weeks. With zero developer skills needed, our experts handle the hassle for you. Not only that, but we maintain the entire service too.

Perhaps most importantly for you - we take ZERO commission on your sales.

We’ll leave that job for the leeches so that you understand that every penny you earn, you keep.

So what to do now?

Well, waste no time! Once we’ve let you in the secret, grab your own app before everyone else jumps on board. With more and more businesses looking to the future of eCommerce, now is not the time to be left behind. With the opportunity for:

  • Building brand loyalty
  • Your own personal app
  • Boosting business

Time is ticking. So take a look at our Studio Store now, and peruse the different options available. Once you have the right fit, you can be online and ready to go at the earliest opportunity. So get in touch!

Zero hassle and better business. The choice is easy.

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Viveka Nand

Sr SEO Manager at

Viveka Nand is a Sr SEO manager at where he applies 10+ years of experience to ensure the company’s organic growth on search engines. Viveka has BA from Magadh University, India.

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