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Build a website that helps you stand out

Want an impressive website with no coding needed? Create a website that can personalise content for your customers and add smart features like Amazon Pay integration, photo filters or tutorials. A web app lets you do much more than following a template and looking like everyone else’s site. Want a barcode scanner? Simple.

Build your unique online presence

Unlike other sites that use templates to build your website, we start with what you want to help your customers do. Is it an eCommerce site, do you want users to share ideas or offer live streaming? Select an app that does something similar and it’ll bring up suggested features. You add any extras your website needs and remove any it doesn’t. It’s as easy as that.

How can you build your website?

60% of the code used by all apps is covered by our library of features. Instead of starting from scratch, we assemble these like building blocks. They’re tried and tested and so is how they fit together. It’s faster and safer. And this lets you do much smarter things than images with bits of text under them. Then these feature blocks are customised for your website by our network of experts around the world.

What about prototypes? Can I get a first look at my website in minutes?

Yes, you can. Builder Now is free. It gives you a first look at your website, showing where every button press will take your users. You can click through it and make any changes you like. Free, and fast – give it a try right now.

Why build your website with Builder?

You get a guaranteed price upfront and all your timings. And that’s the maximum you pay. We charge weekly so if it’s done quicker, you pay less (but never more).

Add amazingly smart functionality. You’ll stand out from your competitors by offering your customers more.
Rather than slugging through it alone, you have your own website expert to guide you through the process. They’ll chat through what you need and make suggestions that worked well for other clients.

No coding skills needed.

Forget the endless meetings, runaway bills and missed deadlines with agencies or developers. Build exactly the website you want, fast.

Software as easy
as ordering pizza