Studio 4.0: Create software using the power of your voice

Our AI companion gives everyone the power to create apps, regardless of their budget or tech knowledge

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Create software using the power of your voice

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We are on a mission to unlock everyone’s potential with the power of software! Our combined approach of AI, automation and talented humans means that your background, tech knowledge or budget will never hold you back.

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Studio 4.0 is a major upgrade to’s flagship app building platform, Builder Studio.

Thanks to dynamic two-way conversations with the world’s first AI Product Manager, companion, Natasha, users now have more independence than ever while building software.

That means anyone, regardless of their tech knowledge, has the ability to create apps exactly how they want to, with as little or as much human involvement as they like.

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the platform’s key benefits, including:

  • Improved idea refinement - Natasha uses your voice, text and document inputs to provide precise feature recommendations
  • Improved support - Natasha is constantly available to guide you through the development process
  • Improved customisation - branded visualisation instantly brings your app to life

And a whole lot more. Let’s get started 👇

What is Studio 4.0?

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Studio 4.0 is the fourth iteration of Builder Studio, a composable app building platform that combines LEGO-like reusable features and AI to build any app – now using the power of your voice. Builder Studio encompasses the entire app development process from:

Idea > Prototype > Build > Launch

Unlike other app building platforms, has a library of over 600 reusable features for you to choose from. Each of these features can be customised to your liking – and if we don’t have a feature that you need, we can build it for you. Plus, because we don’t create your app from scratch, your app build is faster and more cost effective than traditional methods.

Who is Natasha?

Natasha is the world’s first AI Product Manager and your constant AI companion. Natasha uses the Builder Knowledge Graph to guide you as you conceptualise and design your idea. She uses an arsenal of data and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate feature and template recommendations.

In the context of Studio 4.0, Natasha helps us get closer to our mission of unlocking human potential, allowing anyone – regardless of their tech skills and budget – to create the software they need.

Why does the Studio 4.0 launch matter?

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Studio 4.0 makes it easier than ever to order the exact app you need.

The platform offers advanced AI assistance, with dynamic two-way conversations and tailored recommendations – guiding you throughout your entire app build.

We help you visualise what you’re ordering so your app comes to life straight away through a suite of planning and scoping tools. This includes:

  • A short video reel of your app flow
  • A PDF that contains your project plan, including features, costs and timelines
  • A branded prototype of your final app

Meanwhile, our Marketplace lets you integrate third-party providers (for things like payments or delivery) in one click.

Once you’re ready to move ahead with your app build, collaborating with the squad who’ll work with you on your app is easy. In your personal dashboard, Builder Home, you can watch your app build in real-time and use collaboration tools, like whiteboards and messenger, to feed back and make improvements.

Here, Natasha will alert you to key events, updates and documents to ensure you and your whole team are always in the loop.

You also get a holistic view of what you’re building, with task management tools to ensure a timely delivery, as well as complete transparency of build progress (right down to the percentage of work completed for each feature) – so you’re totally in control.

How is Studio 4.0 different from previous versions?

Although the most transformative difference between Studio 4.0 and previous versions is the ability to interact with Natasha through voice, there are also a range of other useful enhancements. Check them out in the table below 👇

Studio 3.0

Studio 4.0

Communication with Natasha

✅ - One-way via text

✅ - Two-way via text, voice and document upload

Make it mine

✅ - Customised visualisation of your app with your branding

Refine idea

❌ - All features listed alphabetically

✅ - Features categorised, so you can check whether your app has all the functions it needs

Builder Marketplace

❌ - Integrations done manually by Productologist

✅ - Integrate third-party services in one click


✅ - Quick access to project details

✅ - Instant access to project details via Kanban view

Feature progress

✅ - See percentage feature progress

✅ - Plan, add and prioritise features

In summary…

Ultimately, Studio 4.0 – enabled by Natasha – makes the process of creating apps easier than ever before, allowing entrepreneurs, SMBs and even enterprise organisations the world over to unlock their potential. In the words of Chief Wizard, Sachin Dev Duggal:

“In the ever-evolving landscape of app development, we recognise the hurdles that entrepreneurs and SMEs face, especially when technology seems daunting and out of reach.

“The enhanced version of Builder Studio is our answer to these challenges, a platform where AI doesn’t just assist but empowers.

“With Studio 4.0, we've advanced our vision of making app development as intuitive and approachable as possible, with more advancements in AI and the guidance of our development experts, users can quickly and easily achieve critical digital business growth.”

Check out the Studio 4.0 platform 👈 now!

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Priyanka Kochhar

VP of Product at

Entrepreneurial senior management executive of fast growing technology businesses. Successful in taking ideas from concept to profitability, using a blend of lean, agile and rapid result methodologies. A background in building and managing cross-functional and hybrid teams, with a record for retaining talented individuals and delivering results. Skilled in developing and maintaining a clear product and project vision, strategy and roadmap. Willing and able to adapt to changing environments. Often named as a Crisis Manager with a vision to “Make Things Happen”.

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