Sell more online and in-store

This award-winning app makes online delivery easy and in-store sales safer. Your app arrives in 12 weeks – with essential COVID features, your own branding and the cloud to run it too!

Retail app screens
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Award-winning apps

This app won ‘Best COVID-19 Innovation for Recovery’ at CogX 2020 and won The Europas 'Hottest AI Startup'.

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In-store, online – either way it’s effortless

COVID has altered the retail landscape forever, accelerating trends that would have taken years, into weeks. Online delivery is now essential, while a physical store allows you to guide customers and build relationships with them (as long as you make it a safe, enjoyable experience). This app helps you do both, brilliantly.

Social distancing made simple

Your customers sign into your app, which sends them warning messages if they stray too close to each other. Geofencing means if 2 people move closer than 1m (or whatever spacing you set up) they’ll both be notified. Keeps your staff and customers safe, without taking up your team’s time.

Social distancing
Better shopping experience

Showcase what you’re selling in a beautiful catalogue, with a scrollable carousel. Your app will be available for both iOS and Android customers. We only build native iOS and Android apps (which means your customers get a faster, superior experience).

Shopping experience
Secure payments

Customers can pay through your app in-store (by scanning a barcode) or at home. Once customers add items to their shopping cart, paying for them is secure and contact-free. Your app can store their credit card details to make future purchases more seamless. And a payment gateway and invoice generator make running the whole process effortless.

Secure payment
Your app delivers

It’s easy to ship your goods. You can choose any delivery provider and we’ll link your app to their tracking system. While extra features – like email notifications and Facebook login, Live Chat and interactive FAQs – mean your customers get a richer (more shareable) experience of your brand.

App deliverables
Why create your own retail app?

Apps make more sales 

Shopping apps make 3x more sales than mobile websites. And in-app sales are growing 46% year-on-year.* Combined with a welcoming in-store experience, you’re offering powerful reasons for customers to buy with you. Once your app sits on your customer’s phone – its icon reminds them of your amazing service and products, every time they scroll past. 

We won’t take a slice of your sales

This app takes away the headaches of selling online. We won’t charge you a percentage of your sales, or any additional transaction fees. You’ve earned your sales. We're here to help you make more (excludes credit card fees).

Collect valuable data

Online marketplaces won’t give you access to all the valuable customer insights you’ll get from your own app. After 2 years the app is yours. Unlike other monthly app building subscriptions, you’re not tied in and can host it anywhere you like. All that data remains yours to help you grow your business.

Build brand loyalty

Send push notifications – and encourage customers to pop by. Send your newest products for them to check out online and in-store. Send a little love back to your customers and reward them for introducing their friends to your shop. Incentivise them to leave reviews with money off next time and you’ll encourage return visits too. 

Sell yourself 

For a low monthly fee you get your own app – the only branding customers see is yours – and all the features you need to run your retail business in this unusual time. You also get Studio One (our aftercare service) and Builder Cloud (cloud capacity to run your app is included too!).

How much will all this cost you?

€499 a month£449 a month₹14,999 a month$599 a month

Includes building your tailor-made app (which you’ll get within 12 weeks), maintaining it and even cloud capacity to run and scale it.

Studio Store card

Your app includes 48 features to supercharge your sales.

Studio One card

Aftercare warranty keeps your app fresh and working perfectly.

Builder Cloud card

The cloud you need to run your app and scale your business.

How Studio Store works

Looks like you’ve found the perfect app for your business. What happens next?

Kick off image
Kick-off call

Pay a refundable deposit, discuss your idea and share your branding.

Track progress
Track progress

Simple dashboard shows your build’s progress, or chat to our experts.

Launch app
Launch app

12 weeks after your kick-off call.

Keep it fresh
Keep it fresh

Your app moves into maintenance and cloud. Your business grows.

Grow your retail business – start today!

  • 1
    Zero tech skills needed

    No coding (you don't even need to pick templates).

  • 2
    Fast delivery

    Both iOS and Android apps, in 12 weeks.

  • 3
    Aftercare included

    We maintain your app to keep it running smoothly.

  • 4

    Free cloud hosting

    Get 2 years of cloud to run your app included.

  • 5
    Trusted provider

    Happy customers include global brands like the BBC, Makro and Pepsi.