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Logistics software development just got easier. Increase efficiency, cut human error, save money, and keep your clients happy with your new web, mobile or desktop app. And you don’t need any tech skills – we’ll handle that.

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Why build your own logistics system?

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Your operation is unique. Your software should be too. Our no-code solution makes it easy to create apps that address the specific problems facing your business. Tell us the features of your ideal shipping and logistics management software and we’ll do the rest. Are you ready to create the software you need?

What can I build?

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The only limit is your imagination! Perhaps a courier app designed for iOS or Android? A website or Progressive Web App (PWA) for managing stock? Or an asset management application for macOS or Windows? Our no-code solution makes it easy to create logistics software that meets your unique needs. 

Transportation management system (TMS)

Fleet management with everything visible and easy to control: trucking companies, rail, ocean and air. Your software uses AI-powered intelligent forecasting to optimise routes and maintenance schedules – so you save time and money. It also generates the documents your team needs to keep everything running smoothly.

Warehouse management system

Easily track the exact location of items and monitor how much space is left in each facility. No more manually updating spreadsheets or referring to paper documents. Your software integrates with warehouse processes to assign tasks to specific people. It even supports real-time tracking and inventory control. 

Accounts that work for you

Your app includes all the financial tools you need to send, track and manage invoices. A built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system that connects with your accounts ensures you know exactly where your money is going. Schedule outgoing payments and send automatic reminders when you’re owed money.

Optimise with big data

AI-powered automation helps cut errors at every step of the supply chain. See how your business is running at a glance with your smart dashboard. Track and compare metrics to easily identify areas of improvement. Dynamic alerts inform you of unexpected changes before a human would notice them.

How to build a logistics app?

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We use an AI-first approach that lets us deliver your app faster and more cost effectively than our competitors. We realised that around 500 features make up about 80% of all software –  we coded these as reusable Lego-like blocks. Our team of experts manage the entire process so you can be sure your software works exactly as you envision. 


Automation you can rely on 

Your logistics software uses machine learning and AI to deliver a smoother experience across the board. Optimise the supply chain, remove human error, and much more.

Happy customers

Whether it’s a courier service or freight shipping, your clients can track their goods in real-time. Contactless delivery options prioritise safety wherever possible.

Compliance made easy

Your document hub removes human error by replacing paper records and legacy IT. It will also generate pre-filled legal documents such as a Bill of Lading. 

Powerful CRM

Bigger contracts, better customer service and the ability to scale. Your integrated CRM puts information at your fingertips – you can pull it up from any customer document.

Easy integration

All the services you expect are just a few clicks away. Our no-code solution lets you easily and securely work with your preferred payment and service providers.

Guaranteed price upfront

It can seem a long, expensive road from your idea to completed software. Not with us. Your price never goes up – if it’s done quicker, you pay less.

The platform you need

Your shipping and logistics software connects your entire business. It needs to work cross-platform. Web, desktop and mobile support ensure your services work everywhere.

Why work with us?

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Our no-code app building platform lets us deliver your app faster and more cost effective. The entire process is transparent. And you get a fixed price and delivery date upfront. We offer you more than just software. What exactly do we provide?

Take your app for a test drive

Builder Now is our free prototyping tool. It makes it easy to create clickable mockups of your logistics products. It takes less than 10 minutes and you’ll see exactly how your product will look and behave. Experiment with the flow of your app and share it with friends, customers or investors for feedback.

Build your dream software with our no-code app builder

Builder Studio is where the app-building magic happens. It’s as easy as ordering pizza. Choose a base – the most similar app to your idea. Then add the toppings – features – you’d like. The entire process is simple and you don’t need any tech skills. And our team is always available if you’d like some help.

Say goodbye to confusing cloud bills and hello to big savings

Builder Cloud gives you one account that lets you run your logistics apps on any public cloud – AWS, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure to name a few. Our prepaid cloud wallet makes it easy to forecast your spend and plan accordingly. Our clients saved $4.5 million last year alone!

Software that never goes out of date

Studio One is our aftercare service. It ensures your logistics software continues to work flawlessly. Your users don’t want bugs and errors. When OS updates come out we review the code for any potential conflicts. And our intelligent monitoring system alerts us to any potential issues before they affect your app.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a logistics app?

It’s a software solution that makes it easy to manage transportation, logistics and supply chain challenges. Logistics companies use software solutions because it helps them maintain high-quality service levels, save money, reduce human error and run more efficiently.

2. What are the features of a logistics app?

Every business is unique, so different apps will have different features. However, there are some common needs across logistics operations. A TMS system makes it simple to monitor and optimise your entire fleet, and a cloud-based warehouse management system means you know exactly where things are stored and how much space is still available. 

3. What software is used in logistics?

There are lots of out the box solutions available. The problem is your business is unique. You shouldn’t have to change your processes to benefit from tech. Bespoke logistics software development is modelled on your current processes so everything just works.

4. How much does on-demand logistics app development cost?

The exact price will vary depending on the complexity of your idea. We use an AI-powered approach that lets us make accurate pricing and delivery estimates for building your app. Check out our guide to mobile app development costs if you’d like to learn more.

5. How do I create a logistics app?

Our process is simple – fill out the form and a member of our team will get in touch. They’ll discuss your idea so we know EXACTLY what you’re looking for – they’ll also suggest things you might not have thought of.

6. What platforms can you create logistics software for?

Our no-code solution means we can create software that meets your business needs. Web, desktop and mobile support are available depending on your requirements.

7. Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, debit card, PayPal & bank transfer. (Payment methods are country-specific and some may be unavailable in your country.)

8. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Our pricing is upfront and guaranteed. The only additional costs you might have to pay are to third party payment processors or delivery providers.

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