How to make a fitness app with Builder Studio

The worldwide lockdowns have naturally motivated businesses to up their game in order to survive through a process we call ‘digital transformation’.  Let’s get down to the very basics.

Digital transformation is the practice of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet changing market requirements. And the need of the hour today is to continue delivering services to consumers despite all the logistical nightmares the pandemic may have sent your way. Need I remind you that this change has been on the agenda of organisations for years? COVID-19 is merely a nudge for leaders to plan for and implement it across industries.  

According to Statista, the fitness apps will witness a boom with total users hitting 353.2 million by 2022. With this growing demand comes the inevitable rise of gyms, yoga centres, dance studios and independent experts- locking horns to win new business. Going digital will save you thousands in overhead expenses like rent, electricity, maintenance while allowing you to provide even more tailored sessions to your clients via app.

Happier customers = More business

Additionally, in this new decade, implementing technology that can track, measure and respond to key shifts in customer needs could help you beat competition and claim majority market share. I’m talking about a $3.4 trillion global industry, Builders.

So, if you’re a business that has been delivering health and fitness services to customers in flesh and won’t mind turning the current setback into an opportunity by going digital, then keep on reading.

How to make a fitness app with Builder Studio?

With, it’s easy to build software in a cost-and-time-efficient manner. Using Builder Studio, you can now design your idea (no matter how small), and our human-assisted AI will manage the process in a fraction of the cost and time.

1.       First, Builder Studio's drag-and-drop menu is so easy to use that anyone can build a project even if you know nothing about tech.  Our process offers all the immediate, predictable benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) with the customisation previously possible only from expensive and complex tailor-made software.  It is the perfect fitness app creator that lets you build any kind of healthy apps, from a calorie counter to activity tracker, a personal trainer to fitness centre app.

2.       Then, once you start your build, our human-assisted AI manages a network of tens of thousands of expert software developers across the globe. There is little downtime, reducing costs for you. These specialists deliver your idea efficiently, on time and without the errors normally associated with tailor-made software development.

3.       Next, Builder Cloud brings you multi-cloud access in a single platform with fine grain analytics, DevOps automation and commitment-free cost savings. Our human-assisted AI works in the background to buy forward capacity from cloud partners including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and others to ensure we can provide you with capacity—exactly when you need it, and at the best price possible.

4.       Afterwards, Builder Care is a service that proactively updates your app, so you’re never blindsided by 3rd party changes that could easily bring it all down. Even if it means an app needs to be totally rebuilt (something we can do effortlessly as we’re always updating the core features your software was assembled from).

I am enthralled as I imagine a world where I can sleep in on weekends, avoid traffic and pollution, and work out with my trainer with a click, at a time and place of my convenience. And I know millions of people across the globe, potentially, would appreciate your digital health services just as much. So, what are you waiting for?

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