Is Building Brand Loyalty Important and 4 Easy Ways to Achieve it

Brand loyalty - it’s more than keeping your customers happy!

Greig Robertson

Digital Content Lead
· 3 minute read
brand loyalty

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With competition left, right and centre, your customers probably aren’t stuck for alternatives - it’s your job to build loyalty so they always keep coming back to you.

How important is brand loyalty?

Oberlo and Forbes found that:

  • Loyal customers have 306% increased customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • 33% of brands leave a brand or business after just one bad experience
  • 80% of customers were more likely to purchase from a brand that offered custom experiences to return and repeat customers

It’s pretty conclusive that customers build loyalty with brands that they can build a rapport with - the brands that ‘get them’.

Looking for ways to build customer loyalty?

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling!

1. Tighten visual branding

Oberlo found that visual brand consistency could increase revenue by some 33% whereas using a consistent brand signature colour could increase recognition by some 80%.

By tightening your visual branding, you’ll adhere your customers to your brand and they’ll instantly be able to recognise you.

  • Visual branding helps you stick to your customers
  • Stand out from the noise
  • Build awareness and recognition

2. Build a brand loyalty program

Build brand loyalty with web and mobile application

Customer loyalty programs provide incentives to loyal customers. Loyalty programs will enhance customer’s shopping experience online whilst incentivising them to take positive action with your site, e.g. sharing it with friends or leaving positive reviews.

Wondering how to build a customer loyalty program?

It depends on your platform/app/, but with apps, building loyalty programs couldn’t be easier.

  • With our salon app, you can send custom location-based offers for when your customers are nearby
  • With our retail app, you can incentivise customers to share the app and leave positive reviews
  • With our gym app, you can invite existing customers to new services and classes

Provide ways for your customers to build and collect loyalty points that can be exchanged for vouchers, free gifts and more.

  • Offer personalised promos
  • Allow customers to collect loyalty points
  • Exchange points for exclusive offers and promos

3. Provide excellent customer service

As mentioned, one whiff of a problem can put customers off for life!

Customer service is hugely important here. By responding to comments, queries and feedback quickly and actually taking action on them, you’re letting your customers know that you really care.

When things go against you, it’s important to keep a clear head and to deal with serious complaints professionally.

Remember to keep a close eye on your social media channels. Use marketing software to analyse the sentiment surrounding your brand and promptly respond to any negative feedback.

  • Respond to queries quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain consistency when dealing with customer complaints
  • Monitor social channels

4. Engage on social media

Engage on social media with your clients

Engaging with your customers on social media is a superb way to build rapport.

If you’re a smaller business then take the time to interact with customers when they interact with your posts, stories, updates, etc.

Bigger businesses should also still try and maintain an active social media presence, especially when it comes to queries about your products, services, opening hours, etc.

Brand loyalty made easy with Apps

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Greig Robertson

Digital Content Lead

Greig is the Digital Content Lead at and a University of Bristol History grad. He has 5+ years’ experience in B2B SaaS, creating data-driven, human-friendly content for high-growth tech startups. When Greig needs a dopamine hit, he checks’s keyword rankings.

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