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Develop your mobile application with’s app development platform. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective to develop your native applications with us. Here’s how.

  • Tell us your app idea and we’ll develop it for you (to your exact specifications)

  • Get up-front costs and competitive timelines for your app development

  • Keep your software up to date and secure with aftercare

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What kind of mobile apps can you develop with

You can develop a wide range of fully customisable, feature-rich apps with Here are some of the most popular mobile apps you can develop with us.

Financial industry app screens

Financial services

We make it fast, easy and cost-effective for you to create financial software. No tech skills required.

Retail industry app screens


Are you considering bespoke retail software? Simplify inventory management, generate staff schedules and make more sales.

Education industry app screens


Improve student engagement with gamification, personalisation and integrations with leading online course providers.

How can you develop apps with

Developing an app with is as easy as ordering pizza. All you need to do is choose a base, customise with essential features and hand it over to us to build. You get up-front costs and competitive timelines that ensure you'll know exactly what to expect at every stage from ideation to aftercare.

And there’s no need to worry about things like app development programming languages, frameworks, libraries, user interfaces (UI) user experience (UX) or any other technical skills. We handle it all.


Choose your base

Our AI Product Manager, Natasha, matches you with relevant app templates for your app idea, based on the world’s favourite apps.

Builder Studio dashboard screen to select a base for building an app



Add and remove key features to meet the needs of your business and app users; you can always call on product experts for help.

Builder Studio feature customisation dashboard screen


Estimate your build timeline

Prices adjust according to the speed of your app build; for example, “Speedy” costs more than “Relaxed”

Builder Studio project timeline dashboard screen


Get your Buildcard

See a full breakdown of your app’s features before committing to your project.

Builder Studio build card dashboard screen


Choose your payment plan

Select either weekly or monthly installments.

Builder Studio payment plan dashboard screen


Match with a product expert

After choosing your payment plan, a product expert will be assigned to your project to manage your app build.

Builder Studio product expert dashboard screen


Review your build progress

Your real-time customer dashboard allows you to interact with your product expert and monitor your project up until the launch.

Builder Studio project progress dashboard screen


Release your app

You’re ready to launch your app on distribution platforms like the Google Play Store and the Apple Apple Store.

Builder Studio project release dashboard screen

Why should you develop your mobile application with

No tech skills needed

We're with you every step of the way to help refine your app idea and spec out the features you actually need. Then we build your mobile app to your exact specifications.

An executive writing on his notebook having app screens

Up-front costs and competitive timelines

This transparency means there are no nasty surprises during the app development process, like huge project delays or extra hours billed.

Build card screen for restaurant app with flow chart in background

Ongoing support

We don't abandon you when your project is complete. Our aftercare plan keeps your software in check, taking care of updates, bug fixes and infrastructure monitoring.

A mobile in hand having fitness app on screen with customer support executive dashboard in background
G2 Leader Asia Pacific Winter 2023
G2 Leader Asia Winter 2023

What customers say about

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The best part of my partnership with has been the visibility on what’s happening on the technical front and the ability to give inputs at every step.

Anshumaan Bansal

Founder, Inspidate


How much does it cost to build an app?

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App development cost is usually a minefield, with apps ranging anywhere from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how complex your app is, who develops it, your timeline and many other factors.

These costs can spiral but that didn’t seem fair. So our prices work differently. Small businesses often need to do similar things: sell online, book appointments, make reservations. So we offer cheaper, pre-packaged Studio Store apps – that solve these brilliantly.

If you’re doing something new, on a bigger scale, or need more flexibility, then Builder Studio is for you. Prices vary depending on the features you need but again, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying upfront.

You can find out more about our pricing here on our pricing page.

How do you create an app without any coding?

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Use an app builder and you can create an app without coding. However most app builders use drag and drop templates so although they’re faster and cheaper than traditional developers, you can’t customise them very much. Builder Studio is different. You get the ease of no-code app builders and flexibility to create exactly what you need that you’d usually only get from a custom build (just without the massive price tag!)

Can you create an app for free?

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Technically yes, but that doesn't mean you should. That's because the functionality and usability of any app you get for free will be seriously compromised. Alternatively, you can create basic apps that perform functional business tasks for a very low cost through platforms like Google Appsheet. Think an IT ticketing system, a survey maker or a project tracker. Meanwhile, if you create an app from scratch, you can keep costs to an absolute minimum. That said, you'll need advanced coding skills to attempt this.

How can I create my own app?

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You can use an online app builder, development agency or freelancer – or you could try and code it yourself.

We’ve created this guide: How to create an app from scratch

You could skip this and just have a quick chat to us. Explain what you want your app to do and who its target audience is and we can project manage everything for you. "

Is it hard to create an app?

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It’s just like ordering pizza online – easy! Choose an app like your idea – that’s the base. Next up, pick the toppings you’d like. That’s the features (things like login or shopping cart), we’ve coded these already and they work together, like a Lego set. It’s straightforward and you don’t need any tech skills. If you’d like a hand, our team is happy to help.

How much does it cost to publish an app on the app store?

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You need a developer account to publish your app on app stores. This costs $25 for a Google Developer account to publish on Play Store. To publish an app on The App Store, it costs $99 a year for an Apple Developer account. And we’re here for you all the way, from first chat right through to your successful launch.

How do I start an app business?

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First up, research – find a gap in the market or a way your app business can offer something better for your potential customers. Try our free prototyping tool to see how your idea might work and get feedback from friends, potential customers and investors. Then choose your app development team – we’d obviously suggest but whoever you choose make sure you get exactly what’s going to be delivered, how long it’ll take and how much it’ll cost nailed down before your start (our prices are guaranteed, upfront).
We’ve put together some handy guides to help you:

How to create an app from scratch: the exhaustive 11 step guide

How to increase app downloads (23 tips for world domination)

Starting an online business - PSCM method

Case Studies

Looking for a no-code app builder? See how we’ve helped everyone from big global brands to innovative entrepreneurs to build software.

DesktopMobileWatch os

Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr Hassan Yasin, wanted to create a social media community for those facing mental health challenges. Our AI-powered platform helps people share their mood and find ways to improve it.

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DesktopMobileWatch os

For Head of Technology at Xander, our AI-powered software helped make their app building a “breeze”, as it helped show “how much cost & time impact each feature would add to the overall project."

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Small business
DesktopMobileWatch os

For the largest cash and carry in South East Asia, the solution was 98.3% cheaper than paying previous ongoing SaaS costs. We have now been a “valuable partner” for the last 2 years (Siam Makro Tech Lead)

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