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Build a vegetable delivery app

Build a vegetable delivery app for mobile platforms (iOS & Android) and web without writing code. Building an e-store for delivering vegetables online is easy, fast and cost-effective with us whether its a single vegetable vendor app or a vegetable vendor aggregator platform or a marketplace (An Amazon for vegetable delivery). We have helped hundreds of SMBs to transform their business digitally and can help you too. Start digital transformation for your business, today!

What can you build with us?

Vegetable delivery app screen

This pandemic has changed the way businesses used to operate. Today, businesses are operating on digital platforms (mobile apps and websites), and these platforms not just helping them operate during this trying time but have been the main source of revenue. Now, it’s time for vegetable vendors to put their business online. Here’s what you can build with us.

Marketplace: Build a marketplace for vegetable vendors or an aggregator platform that enables vegetable sellers (vendors) to sell and deliver vegetables online. Building a marketplace like (A marketplace for online grocery and vegetable delivery) is easy, fast and cost-effective with our human-assisted AI (A software assembly line) that builds your product fast and costs you 3 times less than the market. 

Start your marketplace for online vegetable delivery with a single platform or build for all. You can build for iOS, Android, and web or build your MVP first to test the market.     

e-Store: Build an e-store app for online vegetable delivery for iOS, Android and web, today. It’s a single vendor application that enables a seller to sell and deliver vegetables online. We have launched pre-packaged apps (delivery apps and e-store apps) for small businesses hit by Covid-19. If you want to launch your e-store for your vegetable business, we can help you set up your e-store today - at affordable rates.

Start building your app or talk to our product experts if you want to discuss your app idea and scope of your application.

Features for your vegetable e-store app

Vegetable delivery app screen

Like any other delivery app or e-shop, your vegetable delivery app needs to be feature-packed that ease the shopping experience and help your customers shop effortlessly. Before you start developing your app, we recommend you to have a look at the must-have features for your vegetable delivery app. 

  • One tap login: One tap login is the new norms in the delivery and e-shop apps which allows a user to login using their Gmail, Facebook, or Linkedin account. It makes logging in easy and fast - no new password.   
  • Search: Search feature is one of the must-have features for your delivery app. A smart search allows users to find what they are looking for and deliver a search result based on their search queries.  
  • Filters: Filter is another essential app feature that helps users sort the search results as per their preferences. The filter is one of the must-have features for delivery apps. 
  • Listing: Listing or categories is one more important feature of an e-shop app that allows a user to navigate to a variety of products listed on your store.  
  • Ratings & reviews: Let your users rate their experience as this will help other users make better decisions - and increase user engagement.
  • In-app payment: An app without in-app payment options is not considered an app in today’s era. Don’t forget to have a multi-payment service.

6 steps to build your travel apps

  1. Decide on your type of software: What kind of vegetable delivery apps do you want to build with us? Whether it’s a mobile app, a desktop app, a web app, or something else – you can select one or any combination.
  1. Choose the most similar app to your app idea: Choose the most similar app to your app idea. There are hundreds of delivery app templates to choose from that could be the best fit if you’re planning to build something that already exists in the world.
  1. Select the features you want: Go with the auto-suggestion from our AI-powered library of features for your vegetable delivery app, or add any custom ones you want in your application. 
  1. Select the launch platform: Do you want to go with iOS, Android, Desktop OS (Windows or Mac) or web? Select the launch platform you want to launch your vegetable app – go with one or a combination of all.
  1. Select your team and delivery time: Choose the team from the global time zone you prefer and your delivery time (how quickly you want your vegetable e-shop app developed).
  1. Launch the app: You’re ready to launch your vegetable e-shop apps. We’ll help you prepare for a successful launch.

Why build yours today?

Vegetable delivery app screen

This pandemic (Covid-19) has changed the way we used to run our businesses. Now, delivery apps, contactless delivery, and online payments are the new normal in the daily essential business whether its grocery stores, vegetable shops, pharmacies, or something else. We need to bring our businesses online, facilitating customers to order and pay online.

Today many of us - retail outlets and consumers alike - are now relying on third-party delivery services and marketplaces to sell and buy products online but this creates a lot of competition and all of us (business organisations) are not able to sell on these platforms. Having your own e-store helps you build your brand and save you big from the hard-earned money you pay (as a commission fee) every month to these platforms. 

We have brought you pre-packed delivery apps that cost you 3 times less to build your own delivery apps for iOS, Android, and web. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your vegetable delivery app today!

Unleash your idea on the web, easily today