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Build your online marketplace today

Looking to sell online? It’s easy to build an online marketplace even if you’ve no coding skills. And it’s not expensive either. eCommerce apps have a conversion rate that’s three times higher than mobile web. And in-app sales are growing 46% year-on-year. So now is the perfect time to build yours.

Is it hard to build a marketplace app?

No. If you build with Builder Studio, you don’t need to write a single line of code. Tell us which app your eCommerce app is similar to and then just drag and drop the features you need. There’s no need to chat to developers or spend hours in agency meetings. Normally you’d wait 4 weeks for a roadmap and timelines. With us, you can get a prototype of your marketplace, set timings and prices – all on your first phone call with a product expert.

Can I build goods, rental or service marketplaces?

Yes, all of them. Whatever you’re selling, our rich, customisable features make it simple for your customers to imagine using your goods and services. And you can add any feature you like. Want to add video reviews from your customers? Simple. Clever AI or photo filters? Fine. What about a loyalty programme or geo-fenced coupon codes? The only limit is your imagination.

How does our marketplace app builder work?

We don’t just build your app and then wave you goodbye. Here’s how you can take your idea from brainwave to scaled success:

Builder Studio:
No code marketplace app building. Whatever your idea, build it faster, cheaper and to a higher quality with us.

Builder Care: Your aftercare warranty for custom software. We’ll monitor your software, upgrade it, regular bug fixes and security patches. And if 3rd parties make changes (say Facebook changes their login) your app stays fresh.

Builder Cloud: We buy future cloud capacity from the big suppliers and always have it available. You make massive savings without long-term commitments. Our customers saved $4.5m last year. Scale your app and grow your business efficiently.

How about secure payments?

We’ve lots of options for you to offer your customers, from Apple Pay and PayPal integrations, to two-factor authentication and a massive range of supported currencies (82 at the last count). And if you build your own marketplace app with us, we don’t charge you any monthly or transaction fees. You’ve earned your sales and you keep that money. Build yours today!

Unleash your idea on the web, easily today