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Looking to sell online? It’s easy to build an online marketplace even if you’ve no coding skills. And it’s not expensive either. ecommerce apps have a conversion rate that’s three times higher than mobile web. And in-app sales are growing 46% year-on-year. So now is the perfect time to build yours.

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What's a multi-vendor marketplace?

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It works like any other ecommerce business, except it allows multiple sellers on the one website or app (like an online shopping mall). Each seller gets a separate shop in your multi-vendor marketplace and you earn money whenever someone views, clicks on, or purchases an item.

How do I start my own marketplace?

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Ok, so you've got a great marketplace idea. First you'll need to know your customer base and the type of products you want to sell. For example will you be selling physical products, subscription services, virtual products, or something else?Want to bring your ideas to life now? Try our free prototyping tool and in a matter of minutes you can click through your custom marketplace and mess around with the flow of your app. You can even download it, get customer feedback and check your business concept works.

What is the best marketplace builder?

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Any platform for startups needs to offer all the customisation options you want but without needing too much technical knowledge. Look for an affordable solution that offers all the admin functionality to make your life simpler and custom design to build your brand. Clean design lets customers find seller products more easily. Our AI-powered technology let's us build your multi-vendor ecommerce platform for you -- and it's 6x faster and 70% cheaper too.

What's an NFT? And can I sell them on my marketplace?

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NFT stands for non-fungible token. But that doesn't really make things any clearer does it? These are digital collectibles that come with proof of ownership. Weirdly, they can sell for millions of dollars. Even though sometimes, you could download the same item online for free. You can create a NFT marketplace to sell digital art, crypto collectibles or gaming items. You might want to offer crypto wallets and you'll need a platform that can handle blockchain transactions. Choose a development partner with the blockchain expertise levels you need to create your NFT marketplace.

How do you create a successful marketplace?

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1. Customer service is key. Why does everyone shop at Amazon & Walmart? Because it's so easy! And if anything goes wrong, customers know they can get their money back, hassle-free.

2. Make it simple for sellers and users to communicate. (Even something as simple as 'Vacation mode' that lets sellers temporarily close up their shop avoids frustration for everyone.)

3. Marketplace owners need to keep an eye on business trends. Can you introduce new product categories and how do you improve quality control of products?

4. A data-driven marketplace platform means you can do more of what's working and stop doing what isn't. Your marketplace administrator should be able to access detailed statistic charts to see average cart values and the type of products or shop categories that are selling best.

5. Marketplace expertise – beautiful themes aren't enough! You need a development partner with proven ecommerce business success . Chat to the expert you'll be working with and ask a lot of questions (our team have heard it all and they're happy to share what's worked well for other clients).

Case studies

We work with every type of entrepreneur - the young and the old, the experienced and the new in town.

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