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Dev agency definition: Differences from Full-Stack Developers

What is a software development agency?

Software development agencies, also known as dev agencies, are organisations that work for clients to create software or apps as per their requirements. Dev agencies hire skilled professionals specialising in all aspects of software development to ensure the software is fully functional and visually appealing.

They work on a variety of projects, ranging from building mobile apps and websites to creating custom software solutions.

Dev agency vs full stack developer

A full-stack developer is a skilled professional who can work on both the front-end and back-end aspects of a software application. They have extensive knowledge of “full-stack” programming languages and tools and mastery of what it takes to make up a software application.

The table below explains how a dev agency differs from a full-stack developer

Dev agency

Full stack developer

No. of people involved

A team of professionals



Diverse specialisation

Wide skill set

Project management

Managed by agency

Self managed


Higher up front

Potentially lower cost

Long term support

Includes maintenance

May or may not provide support

Specialisations of dev agencies

Depending on their expertise, dev agencies specialise in various areas of technology, design, project management and maintenance.

1 - Web development

You'll find dev agencies specialising in creating websites using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various web frameworks. They focus on making websites responsive and user-friendly.

2 - Mobile app development

Some agencies are experts in building applications for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. They use different app programming languages like Swift, Kotlin, React Native or Flutter to develop engaging and efficient mobile apps.

3 - Ecommerce solutions

If you're looking for ecommerce platforms, there are agencies that specialise in developing online stores. They integrate payment gateways, manage inventory and create user-friendly interfaces for seamless online sales.

4 - Custom software development

You can find agencies that create tailored software solutions to address your specific business needs. They build applications that automate processes, manage data and enhance overall efficiency.

5 - UI/UX design

If you want intuitive user interfaces and seamless user experiences, there are agencies that focus on designing both the visual aspects (UI) and the overall experience (UX) for web and mobile applications.

6 - Backend development

Some agencies specialise in building the server-side components of applications. They work on databases, APIs and server logic to ensure data security, integrity and efficient server performance.

7 - Frontend development

If you're interested in the user-facing parts of applications, there are agencies that excel in creating user interfaces, implementing interactions and optimising web performance.

8 - Content management systems (CMS)

You'll find agencies that develop websites and applications using CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. They create customisable, content-rich websites and integrate plugins for specific functionalities.

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