Why Your Pharmacy Business Needs a Medicine Delivery App

As a part of our ongoing industry series where we examine every industry’s need for digital transformation, let’s look at why it’s time for pharmacies to build medicine delivery apps for their businesses.

Customers need you now, more than ever

As soon as COVID-19 crisis hit, delivery apps became essential to every business overnight. Think about consumers stuck in their homes, especially the elderly, expectant mothers or young children, who might be struggling to refill their prescriptions. This is where pharmacies get to save lives yet again.

It is the shortest route to success

If you run a pharmacy and want to keep your business running, now is the time to get a mobile app for online medicine delivery. An app will allow your customers to order medicines in seconds and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Additionally, an app will let you communicate and connect with customers directly, thereby creating brand awareness and slowly building customer loyalty. Lastly, when you build a medicine delivery app for your pharmacy, you save a lot of costs related to sales and marketing because your app can reach customers across locations at the same time, provide vital information, lead capture, newsfeed, accounts, push notifications – you name it!

A small investment can give you big returns

According to Entrepreneur magazine, small business app development costs can range from anywhere between $38,000 and $171,000. But, you won’t have to worry about that with Builder.ai. We start with code that already exists rather than building it from scratch. So, we only charge for the extra code that needs to be created. Once you start your build, our human-assisted AI manages a team of over 75,000 expert software developers and creators from across the globe to work around the clock to launch your project by its deadline. This means that there is little downtime and lower billing for you. Because the Builder Studio payment system is flexible enough for a variety of Builders with the end goal in mind– you not only have an option to pay weekly, but if your project is finished sooner than promised, you’ll end up paying less. If it takes longer, you won’t pay a penny more. That’s the Builder Promise.

If you’re not quite convinced but want to know more, click right here and read through our piece on how to create an app from scratch. And if you wish to create a feature-rich and fully customisable online pharmacy app, then don’t wait anymore. Click right here and get started.


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