5 reasons why you should include video guides in your e-learning app

Find out if video guides are a must for a great e-learning experience.

Loretta Nguyen

Digital Campaign Manager at Builder.ai
· 3 minute read
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research famously said that 1 minute of video is worth some 1.8 million!

Of course, there is a degree of sensationalism to this statement, but there are near-limitless video marketing stats and many scientific studies that underline the effectiveness of video.

Our brains are adept at absorbing information from motion graphics and video – these mediums provide the same stream of information that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s e-learning or video marketing, video guides can make a huge difference to any process that involves the transfer of information.

Here are 5 reasons why you should include video guides in e-learning apps:

1. Interactive learning

A female student using her laptop while engaging with online learning app

Video guides are interactive and illustrative – they put concepts in motion which allows us to visualise information while we learn.

Video’s interactivity helps capture the viewer's attention whilst engaging them more effectively than text alone.

By demonstrating processes in real life or through animation, video is excellent for visually describing a process.

Some 65% of people are visual learners, but you don’t need to be a visual learner to find video supportive of text explanations, particularly when it comes to hard-to-visualise concepts.

2. Accessible where and whenever

Students interacting with their e-learning app

Videos provide an interactive resource that can be accessed at any time from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Users can also play, pause and rewind videos to their heart’s content.

By administering short bursts of concentrated information, videos can be viewed on the go, shared or accessed at any time from your e-learning platform.

It’s easy for users to come back to videos if they need to revisit tricky concepts or subjects.

3. Hook your students

Compared to text, videos are fun and novel.

Building simple but effective animations is relatively straightforward and can engage students and learners in more ways than text alone.

Once you click on a video and begin to watch, you’re less likely to click off.

Hubspot found that video is superb for psychologically hooking in the viewer and capturing their attention – ideal for e-learning.

4. Bite-size learning

E-learning, various students learning online using their app

Shorter, bite-size videos are much less daunting than vast textbook-like volumes of written text.

While you might need to build a few different videos on a subject, short-form video is a powerful learning medium.

Vidyard found that 2 minutes was around the optimal video length for maximum engagement.

5. Easy to implement

Creating video is easier now than ever. Platforms such as Moovly and Biteable allow users to create fantastic animated videos without advanced technical skills.

Integrating video into e-learning apps such as our Studio Store one is smart and super-simple.

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Loretta Nguyen

Digital Campaign Manager at Builder.ai

Loretta Nguyen is a Digital Campaign Manager at Builder.ai where she boosts awareness and generates leads through the use of multi-channel ad campaigns. Loretta has a Bachelor of Business/Commerce from Western Sydney University.

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