Build your app for e-learning

Everything you need to bring a physical classroom online. You’ll get an award-winning app, including maintenance and the cloud to run it – in just 12 weeks.

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Award-winning apps

This app won ‘Best COVID-19 Innovation for Recovery’ at CogX 2020 and won The Europas 'Hottest AI Startup'.

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Online learning becomes effortless

By 2022, the global online learning market is expected to be worth $275.10 billion.* And that was before 1.38 billion learners had their education disrupted by COVID-19.** The time to build your e-learning app is right now. So we’ll help you bring your educational platform to life, fast.

Virtual classrooms and video conferencing

Live interactive lessons are simple through your app. Teachers can talk 1to1, or to as many pupils as you like, in their homes – sharing materials on screen and making lessons visually engaging.

In-app chat lets pupils ask questions during class (without interrupting the lesson with a blur of overlapping voices). It’s also a great way for teachers and pupils to clarify certain points or catch up.

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More effective learning

Upload lessons for offline browsing. Even students with bad internet connections won’t miss out on learning. Search and filtering features make it easy to find the lessons and materials they need. 

Being able to learn at their own pace helps students absorb more content. And session reporting shows their teachers see how long they spent on a task. So feedback and lessons can be tailored to each student’s needs.  

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Monetise your app

Your e-learning app could be a school replacement, specialist training for business, or anything in-between. Even if you don’t charge school fees, you can monetize your app. Offer a freemium model where lessons are free but extra content is paid for. Or allow students to buy textbooks and stationery (or anything else) in-app. 

All payments are secure and you can offer a variety of ways to pay. Or you could explore earning extra money through ads on your app. 

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Smart dashboards

It’s really easy to set up individual dashboards for different users. Teachers can see all their subjects and classes, who’s missing homework (bulk uploading makes adding and accessing this a snap) and who needs extra help. 

Parents can watch their child’s progress, while students can see just what they need to do next. No one’s confused with irrelevant info. And you get a master screen with all the info you need to grow your e-learning business.

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Why create your own e-learning app?

Happy pupils, teachers and parents

Whether you’re offering in-house training for a company or distance learning for children, it’s easy to keep everyone informed of their progress – whether that’s their line manager, or mum and dad. We only build native iOS and Android apps, which means all your users get a faster, superior experience (and you get both iOS and Android platforms included).

Organisation is easy

All your users can find what they need simply. Teachers can spend less time on admin and more time on expanding pupil’s minds. It’s very easy to see exactly what teachers and pupils have been up to – you can automatically create any reports you’d find helpful. 

Collect valuable data

All the data you’ll collect will help you to improve your lessons. After 2 years the app is yours. Unlike other monthly app building subscriptions, you’re not tied in and can host it anywhere you like. All that data remains yours to help you grow your e-learning business.

Create a community 

Use all that valuable data to send students relevant push notifications with promos (or extra lessons) they’ll enjoy. Reward them for introducing their friends or colleagues to your lessons. Incentivise them to leave reviews.  

Everything’s included 

For a low monthly fee you get your own app – the only branding customers see is yours – and all the features you need to run your e-learning business in this unusual time. You also get Studio One (our aftercare service) and Builder Cloud (cloud capacity to run your app is included too!).

How much will all this cost you?

€330 a month£295 a month₹9999 a month$395 a month

Includes building your tailor-made app (which you’ll get within 12 weeks), maintaining it and even cloud capacity to run and scale it.***

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Your app includes 45 features to teach online.

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Aftercare warranty keeps your app fresh and working perfectly.

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The cloud you need to run your app and scale your business.

How Studio Store works

Looks like you’ve found the perfect app for your business. What happens next?

Kick off image
Kick-off call

Pay a refundable deposit, discuss your idea and share your branding.

Track progress
Track progress

Simple dashboard shows your build’s progress, or chat to our experts.

Launch app
Launch app

12 weeks after your kick-off call.

Keep it fresh
Keep it fresh

Your app moves into maintenance and cloud. Your business grows.

Build your e-learning business – start today!

  • 1
    Zero tech skills needed

    No coding (you don't even need to pick templates).

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    Fast delivery

    Both iOS and Android apps, in 12 weeks.

  • 3
    Aftercare included

    We maintain your app to keep it running smoothly.

  • 4

    Free cloud hosting

    Get 2 years of cloud to run your app included.

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    Trusted provider

    Happy customers include global brands like the BBC, Siam Makro, Fujitsu and Virgin Unite.