The 5 biggest app development myths debunked

Many people with a software idea get overwhelmed by the tech knowledge and money needed to build it. In a majority of the cases, the idea stops there. Most of the time, entrepreneurs rely on word of mouth or Google for the best vendors and, with no or little knowledge in coding, the fear of getting fleeced can linger. Bugged software and delayed delivery are just some of the issues customers are dealing with.

So many ideas that could have been, never are. Then, inertia sets in. This cycle of irrelevance and fear and inertia leads to epic wasted human potential.

To tackle this, we launched, and have worked tirelessly to challenge these pre-existent norms, debunk popular misconceptions and empower people to create software-powered ideas irrespective of what they know or what they have.

Today, we are going to look at the most common misconceptions around software development and how we address them with our solutions.

1.   Software development comes with a hefty price tag

One of the most common myths around software development is that it is daylight robbery. The truth is a little more complicated because of relativity. How much does an app cost anyway? The only problem with this question is that the range is so very wide. It’s similar to asking how much it would cost to buy a house. Well, it completely depends on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Not to mention, the square footage, location, construction quality and so on that play a crucial role in determining the final cost.

The same goes for apps. Sometimes all you need is a simple static website to provide company information to your clients. On the other hand, you may want to build a powerful gaming app that sells tokens and collects user information. Between these two, costs would range drastically. According to Entrepreneur magazine, small business app development costs can range from anywhere between $38,000 and $171,000.

On top of all this, imagine writing a $5,000 (or even $50,000) cheque to a company even before the project has started. What if they do a disastrous job? Surely, they’re not going to give you your money back. So, that brings us to the big question: Can you afford to build a mobile app? YES YOU CAN, WITH BUILDER! We start with code that already exists rather than building it from scratch. So, we only charge for the extra code that needs to be created. We don’t ask for hefty downpayments and let our customers pay weekly based on the progress they see.

2.   You need hardcore tech skills to get an app built

With, you don’t need profound technical know-how to bring your dreams to life.  Builder Studio's drag-and-drop menu is so easy to use that anyone can build a project even if you know nothing about tech. 

Later, our Customer Product Experts (or CPE for short) understand your vision and end goals, and help you convert your ideas into a viable product. As a non-tech person, you might think of 1 main feature for your app, for example – messaging. But only a CPE might be able to tell you about the 5 inter-dependent features that will help your product achieve the main goal in an optimum way.

3.   Custom software means too much overhead

We cannot speak for traditional software development agencies or SaaS platforms, but with, once you start your build, our human-assisted AI manages a team of over 75,000 expert software developers and creators from across the globe to work around the clock to launch your project by its deadline. This means that there is little downtime and lower billing for you. As mentioned above, we only charge for custom code- bringing down the total cost to only a fraction of conventional rates.

4.   Outsourcing means compromising quality

Every Builder product allows you to program your own budget, timeline, approval flow, functionalities and more, right from the start. Our spec and pricing system is fully transparent, guaranteeing a maximum price from day one, and the progress of your project can be viewed in real-time so you remain in control along the way. Furthermore, you can sleep soundly knowing your end product is guaranteed quality. A rigorous developer qualification process ensures that only the most specialized engineers and designers across the globe are part of our network. Your project is then assigned to the individuals best suited for your business’s software needs via a cognitive project management system.  As they work to bring you the best, most cost-effective final product, a dedicated QA team provides consistent support to make sure we’re delivering exactly to your requirements.

5.   Once an app is released, the project is over

With Builder, we give you an added technical perspective to your idea and map out how you can build, run and scale your dream. Build an app with Builder Studio. Run it with Builder Cloud that brings you the best in class cloud management without any of the risks of overages at the best possible price. Lastly, scale and protect your idea long-term with Builder Care. Builder Care is a service that proactively updates your app, so you’re never blindsided by 3rd party changes that could easily bring it all down. Even if it means an app needs to be totally rebuilt (something we can do effortlessly as we’re always updating the core features your software was assembled from). Now you have a solution to make sure it's always alive and kicking.

Have you thought of turning your idea into software or digitally transforming your business? Our expert team would love to help you. Click here to get started today!

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