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Streamline operations, improve workplace safety, and increase profits with your new web, mobile or desktop app. Oil and gas software solutions don’t need to be complicated. Tell us what you need and we build it. It’s that easy.

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Why build a custom software solution for the mining industry?

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Whether it’s mining or the oil and gas industry... you care about performance. Save time and money by creating software that lets you more effectively manage your operation. Our no-code solution gives you the tech to solve your unique problems. We make the entire process simple, cost-effective, and fast. What can we do for you?

What can I build?

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That’s your choice. Bespoke mining industry software solutions are created to meet your needs. Maybe an iOS or Android app for monitoring production data in real-time? Perhaps modelling software for macOS or Windows? Maybe even a website or Progressive Web App (PWA) for staff to view and manage their rosters. We make your idea a reality.

Oil and gas production software

Increase the efficiency of your operation with planning and forecasting tools. They provide decision support that lets you quickly make informed choices. Advanced 2D & 3D mapping tools save you loads of time. Support for open pit, underground operations, and offshore wells is built in so you’re covered wherever you’re based.

Oil and gas data management software

Advanced analytics become simple. Everything’s in one place so your app can draw actionable insights from all your data. A quantitative analysis can streamline feasibility surveys. Once the well is running there are several things that can be implemented: wellbore modelling and management, nodal analysis, and productivity index optimisation.

Compliance is key

Oil and gas is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Your custom software makes compliance easier. Gas operators can complete safety checklists as they progress through a job. Anyone can report issues via your app. Keep your field operations safe – and you have digitised accountability records just in case anything goes wrong.

Fleet management

Your management system lets you know exactly where your assets are. Vehicles have real-time GPS tracking and your app suggests optimised routes. Scheduling and accountability are built-in. And we know you work in some unconventional locations... so everything is fully customisable. Helicopters, ROVs, and even divers – track everything.

Employee management simplified

Working with a range of employees, agencies and specialist contractors doesn’t need to be confusing. Track projects and their status at a glance. Assign upcoming tasks to the appropriate team and send job specifics directly to them. You build a compliance trail. And everyone’s organised so work gets done faster. 

Operation overview

Shareholders, office staff and management all want to know one thing: how’s the operation performing? Generate custom reports for each group with your software. Rig staff use materials and production reporting features. Cloud-based software lets anyone see how things are going. All the information at your fingertips – no unexpected surprises.

How to build an oil and gas software app?

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We use an AI-powered approach to deliver your app faster and more cost effective. How do we do it? We coded 500 of the most common features – that makeup about 80% of all software – into Lego-like reusable blocks. From start to finish your software is managed by our team of experts. So everything works perfectly.


Smart mining dashboard 

Your operation produces huge amounts of data. Understand and visualise it with your dashboard. Pick the metrics you want to monitor and AI identifies areas of improvement.

Asset life cycle management

Continuous monitoring of your equipment ensures everything runs optimally and you stay fully compliant. Push notifications send reminders when urgent issues are found. 

Run scenarios and optimise

Use the data you’ve collected to simulate various outcomes. Want to see how different fluid or gravel figures change things? It’s as easy as clicking a button.

Offshore ready

Working offshore comes with its own set of challenges: unique regulations, moving personnel, managing supplies and connectivity issues. Your app handles it all.

Everything in one place

No more messy cabinets. All your documents are stored in the cloud. Sort and search features make everything accessible: production, energy efficiency and safety reports. 

Easy integration

Your app can be a complete solution. But maybe you like the financial services you currently use? No worries, these tools can be seamlessly integrated into your solution.

Fixed price guarantee

Our AI calculates your price after we know your project details. This price is locked in and never goes up – if it’s done quicker, you pay less.

The platform you need

Your oil and gas software needs to work everywhere. That’s why we can provide web, desktop and mobile support. It’s designed for your business needs.

Why work with us?

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You get your app faster and more cost effective – no tech skills are needed. Your delivery date is calculated upfront and we lock in a fixed price. But we offer more than just fantastic software. Take a look.

Try before you buy

Builder Now is our free prototyping tool. It’s the simple way to create a clickable mockup of your oil and gas software. You can customise everything to see how your app will act and look. Did we mention it takes less than 10 minutes? Play around, get feedback from others and decide exactly how you want your app to behave.

Make it real with our no-code app builder

Builder Studio is where your idea comes to life. If you can order pizza online, you can make an app. Choose a similar idea – the base. Next, add some toppings – your desired features. It’s literally that easy. You don’t need to code. You don’t spend weeks learning to use new systems. It’s simple and our team is always ready to help.

Cloud bills become a breeze

Builder Cloud lets your oil and gas software run on any public cloud – with just one account. You get access to AWS, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure to name a few. Our AI predicts your spending so you can budget accurately. Why? Big savings. Last year alone our clients saved $4.5 million.

Software that always performs

Studio One is our aftercare service. We review your code after any OS updates to make sure everything is running perfectly. And artificial intelligence uses real-time monitoring to catch potential issues before they can develop into a real problem. Your software is always up to date and bug-free – It’ll never become legacy software.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best software solution for mining?

There’s no one size fits all answer. Mining companies use a wide range of tools. It’s why we recommend you work with a custom software development company like us.

2. How can we solve the problem of mining?

The big issue with mining is the impact on the environment. Custom software can prioritise energy-efficient processes, support informed decisions and optimise land management.

3. Which software is used for mine planning?

There are many out of the box solutions. The issue is they’re not designed for your unique challenges. A bespoke solution can capture and use all your data. This allows you to make effective business decisions.

4. How can we improve mining production?

Several professional services exist that aim to optimise production. Data-driven planning and design are key. They let you calculate prices, expected outputs and challenges ahead of time. Bespoke software can do this for you without the cost of an expensive third party.

5. What is ERP in oil and gas?

Enterprise resource planning is a software platform that provides a complete management solution for a business. It uses a variety of technologies to generate insights and data-driven decisions for all departments from supply chain to human resources.

6. Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, debit card, PayPal & bank transfer. 

(Payment methods are country-specific and some may be unavailable in your country.)

7. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Our pricing is upfront and guaranteed. You may have to pay for third-party services you choose to integrate with.

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