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Custom automotive software just got easier. Deliver a higher quality product, increase profits and make the roads safer with your new web, mobile, or desktop app. And you don’t need any tech skills – we’ll handle that.

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Why build your own automotive software?

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Your business is unique. Your software should be too. We use our no-code solution to solve the specific problems your business is facing. Tell us the features that’ll simplify your business and we’ll do the rest. Are you ready to build YOUR software?

What can I build?

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The only limit is your imagination! Maybe infotainment systems powered by iOS or Android? A website or Progressive Web App (PWA) for managing invoices? Or even car sale software for macOS or Windows? Our no-code solution makes custom software simple. Create the tools your business needs.

Dealer management system (DMS)

Control the day-to-day operations of your business from one single platform. Everything is available in a central location: workshop, inventory, sales, finance tools and anything else you’d like added. Because each department uses the same system, you get access to loads of data and can improve KPIs with smarter decisions.

Auto broker software

Intelligent AI makes finalising your customers’ purchases easy. It automatically calculates and suggests discounts, upgrades and deals – so your sales team can focus on closing. Prices from competitors across the automotive industry are also displayed. And a range of payment options helps overcome buyer's hesitation.

Accounts made simple

There’s a lot of money changing hands in the automotive industry. Your app takes away the headache of keeping track. Generate, send, track and manage invoices in one convenient location. Your software links with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. So you can easily generate detailed reports to see exactly where your money is.

Ready for autonomous vehicles?

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming standard. Self-driving cars are almost here. The automotive industry is struggling to keep up. That’s where embedded software comes in. Our platform lets you work with the Internet of Things (IoT) so your new tech can control the steering, brakes, navigation, and everything else in real-time!

How to build an automotive app?

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We had an epiphany that lets us deliver your app faster and more cost effective. We noticed that around 500 features make up 80% of all software – we coded these as reusable blocks. Our AI uses these to quickly assemble the framework of your app. The whole process is managed by our team of experts – they’ll create any unique features your idea needs.


Smart automotive dashboard

Data is power – use it to make more sales and better decisions. Your app makes it easy to visualise it all. Track KPIs and use AI-assist to identify trends you might have overlooked.

Repair management

Minimise labour, ensure compliance and maximise revenue with AI managed maintenance schedules. Push notifications help your team keep on top of everything.

Diagnostics software

A digital health check of the vehicle can identify problems before they turn into costly repairs. Display it on the heads up display or send it directly to your engineers. It’s up to you.

Process optimisation

Production, repairs, autonomous vehicles – all have unique processes. Digitising them can help you produce a higher quality product, ensure compliance and boost safety.

Reporting made easy

Everything’s recorded in your app. Advanced filters and search make it simple to find the information you need. Templates and auto-generated reports save your team loads of time.

Single platform solution

Lots of electronic automotive components come with their own digital system. No worries, it’s simple to integrate and work with these directly from your custom software. 

Guaranteed price upfront

Tell us your idea and we’ll input the details to our AI. It calculates your price and we lock it in. Your price never goes up – if we finish ahead of schedule, you pay less!

The platform you need

A range of locations and autonomous vehicles means your software needs to work everywhere. We can provide web, desktop and mobile support so you’re always connected.

Why work with us?

You get your app faster and more cost effective when you use our no-code solution. Your price is guaranteed and you get an accurate delivery date at the start – no unexpected surprises. But we’re more than just software. What else can we offer you?

Take your app for a test drive

Builder Now is our free prototyping tool. It lets you quickly make a clickable mockup of your automotive software – it only takes 10 minutes. You’ll see exactly how your product is going to look and behave. Give it a try. Play around with the flow of your app and share it with customers, staff or shareholders for feedback.

Get your idea moving with our no-code app builder

Builder Studio is where your idea comes to life. It’s as easy as ordering pizza. Pick your base – the app most similar to your idea. Then add toppings – features – that make it perfect for you. You don’t need any code or tech skills. Everything is simple and our team’s always happy to help.

Hit the brakes on confusing cloud bills

Builder Cloud gives you one account that lets your automotive app run on any public cloud: AWS, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. Perfect for the resource-intensive needs of autonomous driving. Our prepaid Cloud Wallet lets you predict usage and budget accordingly – our clients saved $4.5 million last year.

Software that’s always got that new car smell

Studio One is your service plan. It catches bugs and errors before they can affect your automotive software. Our software engineers review your code for potential conflicts after each operating system update. And our intelligent monitoring system is constantly scanning your software – so we can keep everything running smoothly and avoid a crash.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which software is used in the automobile industry?

It’s dependent on the specific needs of the automotive companies. There are platforms available for everything from production to aftermarket infotainment systems. But these are designed for a generic company – not yours. 

We recommend custom software so everything works perfectly with your existing processes.

2. What is automotive software engineering?

This is developing automotive software that works across every step of the vehicle industry. Consider all the components of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – each one is developed by a software engineer. It’s a complicated software architecture with lots of moving parts – that’s why we always advise working with a specialist team like us.

3. What is coding in automotive?

The automotive industry is embracing electronic features such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous vehicles. A software engineer has to code these so they work correctly and improve safety.

4. What are 4 careers in the automotive industry?

We’ll look at it from a software perspective. There are software engineers, software designers, software developers that do software testing, and possibly an outsourced partner to perform security audits. They’ll often use agile development to test a minimum viable product before final development that’s focussed on security.

5. How is software used in cars?

Software solutions are used to improve safety and performance metrics as vehicles increasingly use electronic components. Semi-automated driving is becoming widely accepted with features like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. In the long-term fully autonomous driving will likely replace the majority of road traffic.

These tools rely on software to ensure they’re compliant and are using the best practices from across the automotive industries.

6. Which software is best for automotive design?

There are out-the-box solutions but bespoke is always best. It allows you to build a system that behaves exactly as you envision. No more changing your process to fit the software – it’s built specifically for your business.

7. Do you offer free trials?

Our development process ensures your software is unique. As such, we can’t give your company the full experience. However, we may be able to let you test some of the functionality you’d like in your app. Please contact our customer support team and outline your idea for more information.

8. Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, debit card, PayPal & bank transfer. 

(Payment methods are country-specific and some may be unavailable in your country.)

9. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Our pricing is upfront and guaranteed. The only additional costs you might have to pay are to third party services you integrate with.

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