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  • Get step-by-step support for your whole app project

  • Keep your software secure and bug-free with aftercare

  • Never share your profits, or pay transaction fees 

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G2 Leader Asia Pacific Winter 2023
G2 Leader Asia Winter 2023

Why build your ecommerce apps with

Building your ecommerce app is easy, fast and cost-effective with us as our AI builds your ecommerce app using reusable building blocks and our product experts customise it as per your requirements.

Building with us gives you even more. Here’s how.

Rest easy with step-by-step support

Your dedicated product expert helps you pick the app features you need and choose a build timelines that suit you, before handing it over to our developers to code your app.

You can also contact your expert at any time with Builder Meet, view project progress in a personalised dashboard and give feedback on completed tasks.

Monthly dashboard

Keep your software fresh forever

Our aftercare plan ensures your ecommerce app is up-to-date and secure long after your app project is complete. It also proactively fixes bugs before you – or customers – notice them.

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Never share your profits

We don’t charge transaction fees. Or enrol you into revenue sharing schemes that eat away at your profits. Everything you make through your app is yours.

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Here's how it works

Choose an ecommerce app template

Pre-packaged apps give you all the features you need to start selling your products on Android and iOS devices.

Customise your ecommerce app

Add bespoke features that skyrocket customer experience and help you automate processes.

Visualise your ecommerce app without spending a penny

Use our AI-powered prototyping tool and experience your app before you build it. This reduces risk and ensures you’re 100% happy with your project before you invest.

Get support during and after your app project

Product experts guide you through every step of your build and you can view progress in a central dashboard.

Start selling without revenue sharing schemes or transaction fees

Increase your margins and keep all your profits.

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Features that power your ecommerce app

Cross-platform functionality

Run your app seamlessly across multiple operating systems or platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Order fulfilment

Receive, process, pack and ship customer orders in a seamless and scalable interface.

Payment gateway

Process customer payments and accept a range of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal.


Provide customers with a range of shipping options and delivery times, while giving them the ability to track their orders.

Inventory management

Monitor your inventory in real time, get automated alerts about your stock levels and identify trends in customer behaviour to forecast future demand.

App backend

Handle requests, process data, update content, upload new products, create new categories and a whole lot more.

Analytics and reporting

Review your sales performance in a real-time dashboard and benchmark metrics against competitor and historical data.

Push notifications

Supercharge your sales by alerting users to limited-time offers, discounts and specials.

Marketing and promotion

Attract new customers and retain existing ones by leveraging email marketing, social media integration and loyalty programs.

Returns and refunds

Provide efficient service, flexible return options and prompt refunds, while removing your dependency on Excel. vs the competition
App builders
Dev agencies
No code

Code ownership



Cross-platform functionality






Set costs

Competitive timelines

Selling online ?

Sell online in as little as two weeks

See how our all-in-one ecommerce package – which includes websites, apps, hosting, onboarding support and aftercare – compares against other online store builders.

Build and run apps for any kind of ecommerce businesses

B2B ecommerce:
A B2B (business-to-business) ecommerce app enables you to sell large product volumes with high order values. As a result, you can remove dependency on your website, scale up user experiences and skyrocket conversion rates.

B2C ecommerce:
With a B2C (business-to-consumer) ecommerce app, you can create personalised experiences for users, keep them engaged with push notifications and enable offline access.

C2C ecommerce:
C2C (consumer-to-consumer) ecommerce apps help users buy and sell goods and services from one another. You can leverage this user base either by charging commission fees, or by pursuing other revenue streams like in-app advertising.

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App distribution platforms to launch your ecommerce apps

To reach your target users, you need to list your app on a mobile app store. Here’s how you can decide which one is best for you 👇

Google Play Store

Release your mobile app on the Google Play Store, the world's largest app distribution platform, and target Android users.

Apple App Store

Launch your iOS mobile app on the Apple App Store, the world's second largest app distribution platform, and target iPhone users.

Amazon App Store

By listing your app on the Amazon Appstore, you’ll reach a smaller total addressable market (TAM) than the Google Play Store. But you’ll get bigger financial incentives from the platform itself.

Check out our detailed guide on where to launch your app

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Delivering apps to happy customers

Great customer experience

As someone without much experience in software development, they have made a real effort to understand what I am trying to achieve and a lot of patience, and flexibility, as my vision was not fully baked when we started. The team has made the entire design & development process easy for me to navigate, including guiding me in the necessary decisions along the way.

Excellent support

Developing product can be done by any company .the important part is how you are giving support at critical time, gave that support at hard times.

Plangamy - Learn Languages ( Our App)

Builder is building our application and so far we have received the best outcome. The team from business development to ui/ux and productologist ( Mr Ansar) is doing a fabulous job. Plangamy is very much satisfied for the overall work till date. Keep up the good work.

Professional Organization

Professional Organization, made the journey of App development a great one. Working with the teams is incredible, the project manager Ms. Divya is a dedicated competent person who is friendly and professional. The whole team deserves a huge thanks for their great efforts and support.


As an entrepreneur I don't want hassles in my app development and builder made it easy for me to give me what's in my mind …

I have recently collaborated with…

I have recently collaborated with Builder ai. There support on building the project is amazing. Shaheen the product expert is giving me better ideas which is helping us to enhance the product better. has a seamless process and… has a seamless process and system to execute complex technical projects. Builder maintains complete transparency across all stages of the project delivery. The project management team is very experienced and ensures that the complete clarity on product roadmap is created with their intelligence and expertise so the project delivery and execution becomes seamless with both developers and client having the complete clarity. Project management team ensures to create a balance in requirement and execution stage which ensures the project is delivered as per the client`s expectations.

Real success stories from real customers

See how companies like yours used’s app platform to help them achieve their business goals

How we saved Makro 98.3% on order management software costs

Asia’s largest cash and carry needed software that could scale with their rapid growth, so we built them something that allowed them to onboard new customers without technical hiccups.

How we enabled digital transformation for Kitchenfirst

Grocery store owner, Hemant Keshari, was losing customers fast when Covid-19 hit. So he decided to digitalise, which allowed him to expand his customer base and future proof his business.

Opigo logo

OpiGo is building a community of over 5,000 investors

It’s difficult to know the right people to follow and the right stocks to invest in. That’s why more than 3000 investors use OpiGo to make the stock market easy and take control of their finances.

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What is an ecommerce app?

Ecommerce apps help people buy and sell online goods and services. They allow users to browse products, add them to a cart, checkout, and make payments through Android and iOS devices. Robust ecommerce apps also help you automate your returns and inventory management, while providing real-time sales data.

How to build an ecommerce app from scratch?

Building ecommerce apps from scratch involves mapping out features, designing the user interface and developing your app using a suitable programming language. You also need to test, iterate on and maintain your app. Alternatively, app builders and development teams can help, while provides a fully managed service.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce app?

The cost of building an ecommerce app varies on the size of your business, your app’s complexity and the platform you’re building on. At, pre-packaged apps start at around £150 per month for 24 months and you pay for custom apps per feature. Either way, you always get a fixed cost for your project.

Can I build my ecommerce app for free?

Building fully functional and scalable ecommerce apps isn’t possible for free. But before committing to your project, you can get a free ecommerce app prototype, which simulates how your app will work. To learn more, check out Builder Now. 👈

What about the future updates with my app code?

Depending on the app development route you choose, maintenance may or may not be included. But investing in it is absolutely essential if you want to keep your software up to date and secure.’s app maintenance services 👈 take care of this, so you can focus on running your business.

Where do I host my ecommerce app?

With, you can host with reliable providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean, meaning you get high uptime and secure data management. To learn more, check out Builder Cloud. 👈

How much does it cost to run an ecommerce app?

Sadly, your ecommerce app build isn’t the end of the story when it comes to cost. You also need to consider how you host and maintain your app. But with, you can bundle everything in and keep costs down.