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We’ve created several posts focused on our BuilderCloud, including cloud managed services as well as reasons you should use BuilderCloud. Today, we’re back at it with DevOps.


The sheer number of existing and upcoming apps can put considerable strain on enterprise resources. Why? It’s no longer enough to roll out a killer app. Companies also need to launch these apps quickly and efficiently.This is where automation comes in with DevOps as a Service. This is a new philosophy in application development which moves traditional collaboration to develop and operate teams in the cloud.

This allows the automation of multiple processes using stackable virtual development tools.Many organizations are looking for ways to accelerate their application delivery process with cloud-based development automation tools and technologies. As a result, they migrate their apps to cloud managed services.Interestingly, the use of tools to build, test, and deploy processes effectively makes continuous delivery itself a cloud managed service. Embracing hosted managed services enabled by DevOps can help teams respond faster to competitive pressures, automate error-prone management tasks, improve traceability and establish repeatable workflows.So let’s review more into the specifics below.

#1 DevOps as a way to accelerate innovation and the application lifecycle


When you think of DevOps in the cloud, imagine the migration of your tools and processes to a hosted virtual platform. This ensures continuous delivery.Using hosted managed services with an emphasis on automation enabled by DevOps practices collapses the delivery pipeline to a single silo. This is important because developers, testers and operations professionals are then able to collaborate as one and automate a great deal of the deployment process.Essentially, DevOps as a Managed Service acts as an extension to your architects and developers.

Whether it’s designing, planning, implementing or configuring your system for the cloud, the combination of AWS, cloud development and integration technologies results in a safer and better performing system with less downtime and faster deployment of changes.DevOps as a Service can optimally use your in-house resources, making your systems more reliable, faster and better on AWS.

By taking advantage of the collaborative environment and fast turnaround of the cloud, it delivers new capabilities and new improvements to your environment.The natural merger of DevOps, cloud-based architecture and its' continued evolution opens a world of possibilities.The future of cloud computing looks exciting with the progression of DevOps with Big Data analytics, ML & AI. As companies become more focused on delivering complex DevOps as a Service and big data experience to their customers, development will be more about automation and less about human thinking.

#2 When less means more -- automate for simplicity


Moving to the cloud will phase out systems devoted to development and testing within IT departments. By automating labor-intensive and menial tasks, you can free your IT resources to focus on higher-value work, ensuring cost containment.In a way, DevOps is about more than mere development automation. It’s about building a dialogue between all parties.

The need for such a dialogue solves the issues that arise from the poorly organized process of interaction, which doesn’t allow well-developed products to be implemented flawlessly. This ensures customers are happier with the error-free results.The active interaction and integration of development specialists and IT specialists are only made possible through the implementation of hosted managed services with emphasis on automation enabled by DevOps. This method helps enterprises create and update software products and services faster.

By engaging the right DevOps as a Service provider, you can achieve greater agility and access to more DevOps expertise. Moreover, you can shorten the time to deployment and enjoy greater versatility as you develop new business process applications. Do you want to make the most of your BuilderCloud with DevOps? Our human-assisted AI works in the background to buy forward capacity from partners including Amazon Web Services to ensure that we can provide you with capacity exactly when you need it, and at the best price possible.

We are the largest AWS partners in India and help move your infrastructure in a way that optimises costs. What's more: our AWS cloud wallet vastly improves monitoring for enterprises, allowing for controlled spending and fixed budgets, automated tracking, local currency support, with all information displayed in real time on an easy-to-use dashboard. You can mitigate the challenges of paying for cloud services by managing your expenses upfront, and access the AWS Free Tier without needing to register their credit card. We’d be glad to help with our customer-approved Builder Cloud. Just click and get started today!

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Rohit Soni

Tech Lead at

Rohit Soni is a Sr Tech Lead at where he applies 16+ years of experience to ensure security and quality standards are maintained across all products. Rohit has a B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics from UP Technical University.

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