4 reasons it's time your company embrace the cloud

Why embrace the cloud? Read on and discover more here.

Erica Grigg

Technical Content Writer at Builder.ai
· 4 minute read
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As data use continues to grow exponentially, it’s become increasingly more difficult for individuals and organizations to keep their vital data, applications and systems safe and functional on in-house servers. To remedy this situation, more and more businesses are moving that data to the cloud. Have you been waiting to transition your data to the cloud? Consider this a nudge to review why you should push forward--and there's no better time than present moment.

Why do enterprises migrate to the cloud?

Cloud computing has been around for almost as long as the internet, but only recently has it gained widespread acceptance for businesses. Think about the industries that are growing in part due to digital transformation. Let's get specific, though. What are the benefits of cloud computing? More importantly, what are the challenges of continuing to host your data locally? Is it time for your company to make the move? We think so, but let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of cloud computing.

#1 Stay refreshed with up-to-date software

One immediate answer to why enterprises migrate to the cloud is that cloud-based applications automatically refresh and update themselves over time. No more will your IT department have to worry about maintaining installing and updating software on an enterprise level. Software enhancements on the cloud are delivered automatically, and more frequently than on desktop applications--so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version and features at your disposal.

#2 Depend less on (physical) data centers

Migrating to the cloud allows your company the chance to reduce the size of its data centers - or even eliminate them altogether. Why is that a good thing? For several reasons:

  1. A natural disaster or act of God could wipe out your physical facility with disastrous results. Think about a hurricane, flood or otherwise. On the other hand, cloud providers enable you to store your priceless data in redundant, unaffected geographic locations.
  2. Technology is advancing exponentially, and it can be difficult to keep up as your on-premises infrastructure becomes obsolete. With the cloud, you needn’t worry about buying and maintaining the latest hardware.
  3. Traditional computing requires buying enough capacity to cover the peak times when they occur - and then letting it sit idle the rest of the time. Cloud services are scalable. You can easily increase or decrease the number of services and ultimately, your expenses as your business expands or contracts.
  4. When you factor in how much your company can save by reducing the cost of servers, the cost of software, and even the size of your IT staff without impacting the products and services offered to your users, you could be looking at big savings.

#3 Access. Anytime, anyplace.

The cloud is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. That means your users can collaborate with shared files in real-time and stay in touch while visiting customers virtually anywhere.Through the cloud, you can offer conveniently accessible information to sales staff who travel or to freelance and remote employees, making for a better work-life balance. That’s why organizations who list employee satisfaction as a top priority are up to 24% more likely to expand cloud usage.

#4 Prevent your data from getting lost

Computers can malfunction for a variety of reasons. They can be attacked by malware or viruses. They can wear out from extended use. They can be affected by operator error or by the malicious intent of a disgruntled employee. Or they can simply be stolen. If you aren't keeping your data on the cloud, you're at risk of losing all of the information you’ve saved locally. But with a cloud-based server, that priceless information remains safe and easily accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

You can even remotely wipe out data from lost devices to avoid it getting into the wrong hands.No matter how you look at it, cloud computing can offer real advantages--from financial savings to data security to ease of access and more. Isn’t it time you reexamined your cloud strategy? If you're ready to transition to the cloud, we'd love to hear about your needs with our BuilderCloud. Our human-assisted AI works in the background to buy forward capacity from partners including Amazon Web Services to ensure that we can provide you with capacity exactly when you need it, and at the best price possible.

We are the largest AWS partners in India and help move your infrastructure in a way that optimises costs. What's more: our AWS cloud wallet vastly improves monitoring for enterprises, allowing for controlled spending and fixed budgets, automated tracking, local currency support, with all information displayed in real time on an easy-to-use dashboard. You can sign up for BuilderCloud right here.

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Erica Grigg

Technical Content Writer at Builder.ai

Erica Grigg is our Global Lead of Digital at Builder.ai, where she's been on board since August 2018. Previously, Erica Co-founded a media startup, co-authored a book on Facebook and worked with numerous businesses and non-profits, including the World Wildlife Fund, the United Nations and Comcast. She's happy to share her lessons learned and best practices yet to be developed on the Builder Blog. Follow her on social media @EricaGrigg on Twitter and at linkedin.com/user/ericagrigg.

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