4 Rules for Effective Communication Between Global Teams

AtBuilder, we help global entrepreneurs and tech creators connect with otherglobally-minded innovators and developers. We believe the potential of BuilderGeneration is best fueled through the give and take of multiculturalperspectives, and we've learned how to overcome the logistics to make it happensuccessfully. With people working together across the globe, it's key thateffective communication remains unmatched within each multicultural team.Here's how we make it happen:

1. Listen attentively. Thensummarize

There is a lost art of listening, it seems. In the era of mobile technologies,listening seems obsolete almost. It’s not.The main joy of talking to someonewho speaks the same native language and was born in the same part of the worldis clear. You believe you understand this person innately. You won’t oftenrepeat what this person is saying--to confirm you understand what they’resaying. Because you’re sure you understand everything they’re saying.Or so youthink. Whether you’re negotiating or doing every-so-often project statusupdates, it’s important to both listen to your teammates, as well as re-confirmthrough the process what you believe they’re trying to tell you at this moment.This is a good practice for general life--because listening and re-confirmingkeeps everyone on the same page through project updates.Successfully deliveredprojects absolutely depend on listening and summarizing, so do that better. Notjust for your next Builder project, but also your other professionalconnections.

2. Schedule ‘in-person’status syncs often

ln order to connect and communicate, you need to make time for updates. Thebest way to make time--schedule it! A regularly-occurring or, “standing” weeklymeeting update helps you connect around prospective problems and bug-fixupdates for the technical of us. There are numerous free options forface-to-face meetings including Skype and Zoom. During the meeting, rememberrecommendation #1 from above.

3. Learn to love an agenda

If you have Zoom, you can record meetings and have a central location for allyour meeting exchanges just in-case you forget what you talked about. Speakingabout your best meeting agenda tool--whether you’re working with someone inyour office or halfway across the world--a meeting agenda! What better way toget on the same page than actually looking at the same page, There’s nothingquite as powerful as a to-do list and meeting agendas offer just that. Anorganized way to stay on-task with why you’re both here in the first place.Simply put, better meetings start with great agendas no matter where you are inthe world. On top of your meeting organizer, Google Drive offers a suite ofcomplementary tools to ensure your meeting minutes are available to everyonefrom the meeting.

4. Prioritize tasks

The thing we’ve learned being in startup-mode is how to prioritize to find outwhat’s the most important task to do--today. What’s the highest value task Ican do today to move my project forward? The #BuilderGeneration knows this addslots of value to your team. After staying in tune with project deadlines anddeliverables, a good team will ensure its’ highest value tasks are beingcompleting successfully.As to who’s leading this task of staying on priority,your leadership will impact how priority is established.

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