The Greater Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Daily Life

Moore’s Law is what is said to govern the speed of technology, but the speed of lightning feels like a more apt association for the growth and development of technology. We have more power in our pockets that what we had in our homes a decade ago. Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a part of science fiction for decades, it is now very much a part of our daily lives. Scientists are making daily breakthroughs in the realm of “machine learning,” by using neural networks that mimic the functioning of real neurons in the human brain.

Deep learning

“Deep learning” is a category of machine learning that allows machines to process information and other sophisticated and complex tasks like face recognition. Big data is speeding up the development process of AI. It’s integration in our daily lives is bound to increase many times over. All that said, AI is still at a relatively rudimentary stage but further sophistication can be expected and with that, its impact on our day to day lives.

AI benefits

  1. Removal of repetitive tasks - Chatbots can free time for humans and in the long run will help humans spend time for focusing on innovative and creative activities.
  2. Greater personalization- AI will aid in understanding the requirements of each customer and what can be achieved through AI.
  3. Save time- AI would collecting data and doing tasks for organizations at a pace which would be much faster than humans- this would save time at various levels.
  4. Collaboration of human brains and software- This would perhaps be the biggest change ever! Humans and software working as team members. Software would be involved in the monitoring, alerting humans, and executing the basic tasks while humans would be involved in creative tasks, business strategizing and development.
  5. Personalizing medicine- Personalized medicine would emerge as one of the greatest advantages of AI. Health care practitioners would be able to provide online personalized treatment for individuals and provide the correct remedial procedures and treatments based on your medical history.
  6. Allocating resource and time- Since AI would automate processes and save time, more and more labor can be freed for focusing on customer experience and thereby increased business.

AI and our daily lives

From composing emails to storing personal shopping preferences, AI will transform almost all aspects of daily life and work. Here are some of the ways that AI is sure to impact our lives:

  • Traveling - The world has already witnessed the advent of self-driven cars though drivers need to be present for making these vehicles safer. The impact of AI should be such that driverless vehicles would completely replace human assisted cars adding much to the convenience especially for those who are physically unable to drive or even those who would want to live without stressful driving.
  • Socializing - According to a recent study, an average person will be spending about five years of their lives on social media. This is one of the regions that that AI has almost taken over- that of personal communication and interaction. AI is being used to form an idea of content that we want to see from family and friends– basis our previous interactions.
  • Shopping - Understanding shopping behavior has shaped up the relation between customers and retailers. E-commerce sites now have access to data like –time spent on browsing, products viewed, devices used etc. The reading of this vast data has led to understanding customer behavior better.

AI is omnipresent

Artificial Intelligence is influencing the way we interact with the world, the choices we make and the technology we use.It’s a growing area that we’ll see become more sophisticated in the coming years, and one which we’ll become better at mastering too.Looking forward to becoming an entrepreneur? Have an amazing product idea? Does Python mean only a snake to you? Now you can create your product or app with our easy to use Builder. All we need from you is an idea and we will build it for you.

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