Here’s why AI and cloud fit so perfectly together

At Builder, we aim to make the most out of both software development with Builder Studio and effective cloud management with Builder Cloud, both utilizing our AI-driven global Capacity Partner network of 75,000 technical and design resources. This means we can see how different trends in technology can work so well together.

Considering we’ve heard a good deal of discussion around the potential brought about by unifying AI and cloud technology, we thought we would review. How much potential is there? Lots. Integrating these two platforms can be tremendously empowering for enterprises that do a lot of work in the cloud, allowing you to unlock hidden potential in verticals across your enterprise.

Curious why and how? Let’s take a look at five reasons why bringing AI and cloud together is a match made in heaven.

Reason #1: AI's ability to work with larger data sets

AI needs big data to work optimally, and cloud delivers on that. This is the primary reason for every other benefit that comes out of the AI/cloud meeting of the minds. Does your business create or process large amounts of data? AI-driven technologies could help you process and analyze your data quicker and more effectively than ever before. With AI, businesses could help identify and manage patterns and probability before its' human counterparts.

Reason #2: More efficiency = increased profit potential

Working with big data is labor intensive--at least when humans are involved and managing the process. AI relieves this burden, executing analytics tasks to find relevant insights in a fraction of the time it would take multiple human teams to do the same. This means hours, days and years won’t be wasted--and more opportunities to uncover new and sustainable profits. 

Reason #3: AI's ability to learn as it goes

Is there a company in the world that wouldn’t want to enable smarter decision making across their enterprise? AI works with large data sets in the cloud to learn from historical data, run comparative analysis with existing patterns, and then execute smarter decision making. By excluding human error and parsing big data, AI can generate much more valuable recommendations than a company would get otherwise.

Reason #4: Anywhere access to data

AI is empowered by big data, but it needs constant and easy access to that data (think: 5G connectivity). The cloud enables constant access to data, allowing AI to access data anytime by bypassing legacy siloes and avoiding traditional delays inherent in onsite data storage. The flipside, too, is that the cloud environment can learn from the process and make more efficient estimates on data collection. It’s a win-win.

Reason #5: AI & big data mean big answers

What does all of this add up to? AI delivering big answers for enterprises. Working with big data and leveraging the ability to access that data seamlessly via the cloud means that AI can deliver business solutions on a much larger scale than human efforts could. We know that AI can dial in on the minutiae, but imagine a scenario in which pre-trained AI could facilitate HR practices, leveraging APIs that help find and attract the right employees to your organization. AI becomes transformational on a culture level, and that’s pretty powerful.

Cloud is ever-present, and AI is gaining serious momentum. Bringing them together is key to business success in 2020 and beyond, and it will enable some powerful transformation at companies large and small. Builders, what do you see happening as cloud and AI empower a new business landscape? Chime in on social via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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