6 Reasons You Should Most Definitely Use Builder Cloud

This week, as we arrive back from Digital Ocean's 5th edition of its' flagship Tide Conference, we're thinking actively about how to build successful businesses on the cloud.So this week, we're answering the following question, "How can we help you make the most of your cloud opportunity?". We're so glad you asked. As with your software development and broader cloud storage needs, Builder has your back. This time, with CloudOps. Here are six solid reasons our BuilderCloud and our cloud computing solutions can make your cloud service sensational.

#1 Be confident, you're in trusted hands

If you’ve ever met an organization passionate about cloud services, we’re it. With our extensive Capacity Partner network of over 75,000 technical resources at the ready, alongside a roster of 5,000+ clients and our human-powered AI platform makes us stand out to our very satisfied clients from across the globe.Our system isn’t just built to work effectively, it’s built to be agile in solving your most essential challenges. We have what it takes to make your cloud work when its’ most important--whether that’s with your customers or employees. Our customers are confident in our cloud services because trust our ability to seamlessly run their products from start to scale without a hitch.

#2 Beef up your bottom line

What applies to groceries also applies to the cloud services. Always buy in bulk. That 20lb (~9kg) bag is going to cost you less per ounce than that single-serving pod. While you may not have the size to make a bulk cloud purchase, we do. We’re an AWS Advanced Partner and are able to optimize and predict usage for thousands of AWS accounts.What that means for you is that you take advantage of our buying power and the killer deals we’ve negotiated to reap huge savings that just wouldn’t be available to you otherwise. We guarantee up to a 10% savings on cloud services year after year! Last year alone, we saved our customers 11.2% on their cloud spend. That’s a savings that goes right to your bottom line.

#3 Scale--quicker than you ever thought before

When you decide to make a move, you need to move. Now. With BuilderCloud's always-everywhere service, you can move closer to your customers or slide into a cheaper region with none of the headache of manually moving instances. Move to any Amazon Web Services availability zone in minutes.We help you know in advance what it will cost and whether the new zone can run your load. Our Hybrid AI robots do all the heavy lifting (and are smart enough to know when to ask our human staff for help). And you can monitor your migration in real time every step of the way.

#4 Never get surprised by your bill

The last thing you need is a surprise bill for $25k when you’ve only budgeted for $10k--or worse, to find out the cloud services have eaten your credit limit when your card is declined at the grocery store. Life can be hard to predict.With BuilderCloud from Builder's Cloud Wallet, you can be assured that you never exceed your budget. Ever. Enterprise customers set a spend limit, you can allocate multiple spends to different teams or departments. As a top AWS partner, we’re plugged in and can track usage, using multiple sources. We alert you before you break the bank. Not after. No surprises.

#5 Save your DevOps time and resources

Your DevOps’ time is valuable. Don’t waste that time (and money) doing things like backups or monitoring/ creating new availability zones or auto-scaling. We’ve got a fistful of free tools to help save you and your DevOps from these time stealers so they can focus on other, more valuable tasks.With BuilderCloud and our cloud computing solutions, you can move availability zones or simply create a replica with one click. We regularly backup your infrastructure, which ensures your information stays up to date. We create auto-scaling so you can save money and burst automatically when demand increases (coming soon in private beta). All without taking your DevOps away from what they do best.

#6 Have an army at your fingertips

Ever find yourself in need of some quick assistance? Maybe you need some added horsepower to set up a new environment. Maybe you need an expert who can help you with MongoDB. With BuilderCloud, you get access to the very best DevOps and AppOps, on demand, 24/7/365. That’s 75,000+ engineers just waiting for your S.O.S.You get expert advice and execution from the best talent in the world, you get the peace of mind of knowing help will always be there exactly when you need it, and you’re charged on a per-minute basis. You only pay for exactly what you need. No waste. No worries. No fuss.That’s six reasons to go with BuilderCloud and our cloud computing solutions today, but we have plenty more. Whatever your situation, our BuilderCloud service has got what you need to make your cloud experience efficient, cost-effective and worry-free. Get in touch. We’d love the chance to tell you all about it. Find out all the details right here.

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