3 reasons to appify your dream in 2020

The New Year is almost here, and so is that gnawing feeling in the pit of your gut. You’ve actively avoided facing your truth this year and succeeded, too. You’ve told yourself your million-dollar idea is just not feasible at this point in life. It’s too much risk or too much work. You’ve told yourself, “Who needs an app that helps sweet little stray dogs get adopted anyway? Let someone else do it.”

Our dreams are often at odds with our realities, demanding freedoms and resources we may not have. But this doesn't make them impossible to achieve. At Builder, our life revolves around ideas- big and small, so we know that life interjects, bills pile up, and sometimes we have to do the jobs we don’t want to do just to make it through the day.

However, there are a number of reasons to face your truth, follow your dreams, break the trend, and live the life you’ve always wanted. Let this new decade be a new beginning.But all that begins with one step: Digitizing your idea so it can reach the maximum people and create the biggest possible impact.

You don’t have to choose Builder (although we do recommend you consider us for these solid reasons). All we are asking you is to rekindle that fire within you and let 2020 be the year of total digital transformation! But, if you’re still not convinced, then here are 3 reasons why you must appify your dream in 2020:

Because no one is going to follow them for you.

If you decide to go and pursue your dreams, you inspire numerous others who want to do the same. In our years of working closely with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and from our own in-house serial entrepreneur, Sachin Dev Duggal, we’ve learnt that following your dreams is an exhausting, daunting task--but the rewards are well worth it all.

In some cases, failure is inevitable, but don't let that stop you from starting something new. Persistence is much of what separates the successful from the pure wishful thinkers.

Because every idea needs visibility, recognition and loyalty.

A person spends an average of 162 minutes on their smartphone each day and a significant portion of this time is spent exploring – new content, products, and brands. Having a digital presence as a website or app, therefore, is the best way to reach people across continents. Additionally, an app will let you communicate and connect with customers directly, thereby creating brand awareness and slowly building customer loyalty.

Because it is the shortest route to success.

Lastly, when you appify your dream, you save a lot of costs related to sales and marketing because your app can reach customers across locations at the same time, provide vital information, lead capture, newsfeed, accounts, push notifications – you name it! It also means better customer service. An easy access to information and transaction means a happy customer that translates to higher profits. Brands like Amazon, Facebook, and Domino’s thrive solely because they appified.

So, what’s stopping you? Are you ready for 2020? We know we surely are excited to have you join the #BuilderGeneration. Click here to try out Builder Now, our instant prototyping tool that gives you a working proof prototype in 10 minutes. Watch your idea come alive, without committing any time or money and share it to build excitement – and raise funds for – your big idea.

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